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Facebook in Egypt
Train in Egypt
Mubarak mosaic in Sinai
St. Catherine's Monastery
Egyptian migrant worker
Tourist at the Giza Pyramids
Mubarak's Resignation
Life in Islamic Cairo
Mount Sinai after sunrise
El Fishawy cafe in Cairo Egypt
Cafe lifestyle in Cairo, Egypt
El Fishawy cafe in Cairo Egypt
Sunset in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Egyptian harvesting wheat
No climbing in Egypt
Egyptian harvesting wheat
Egyptian children
Photo memories in Cairo
Egyptian man with cigarette
Caterpillar equipment and the Pyramids
El Fishawy cafe in Cairo Egypt
Visiting Egypt's Pyramids
Traveling in the Middle East
Mount Sinai landscape
Hiking down Mount Sinai
Happiness in Egypt
Riding horses at the Sphinx
Elijah's Gate on Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai landscape
View from Mount Sinai
St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt
Desert spirituality
Sunrise at Mount Sinai
Egyptian history - ancient and modern
Egypt and the press
Overnighting on a felucca - Nile River, Egypt
Tourist on a felucca trip in Egypt
Hand on the Oars
Group with life jackets on the Nile River
Nubian man in Aswan, Egypt
Nubian man on Nile River
Nile River in Aswan, Egypt
Boat on the Nile River - Aswan, Egypt
Portrait of an Egyptian man
Sunlight and shadows at Luxor's Great Hypostyle Hall
Outstretched hand in Egypt
Desert meditation
Egyptian girl in the crowd
Sailing a felucca in Egypt
Diving in Dahab
Touching the Nile
Sunrise and softness on the Gulf of Aqaba
Egyptian man atop a felucca
Egyptian man repairing sail on felucca
Egyptian culture and felucca reparir
Palestinian girl looking at sea
Visit Egypt
Young women in Egypt
Egyptian military officers
You killed my brother - Libya protest
Reading the Koran
Freedom in the Middle East
Photographers atop Mount Sinai
Burning Bush at St. Catherine's Monastery
People atop Mount Sinai for sunrise
Hiking to St. Catherine's Monastery via Steps of Penitence
Flags of Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia
Egypt protest
Egyptian flag in Tahrir Square
Cleaning up after demonstrations in Cairo
Flags of revolution
Rally in Tahrir Square
Egypt protest celebration
Egyptian men
Cell phone camera power
Egyptian girl waving flag in Tahrir Sqaure
Nile River sunset
Tahrir Street in Cairo
Hope for change in Egypt
Technology in Tahrir Square
Middle East upheaval
Egyptian protest and celebration
Arab leaders
Egyptian demonstrator in Tahrir
Praying hands
Egyptian man smoking in Luxor ruins
Happy Egyptian girl
Egyptians after the fall of Mubarak
Celebrating the fall of Mubarak in Cairo
Tahrir Square and Egyptian Museum
Hands lifted up in prayer
Muslim men praying
Facebook graffiti
Bedouin girls in Dahab, Egypt
Temple of Karnak
Egyptian flag at Pyramids
Protestors in Egypt
Girl in Egypt
Celebrating in Tahrir Square
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