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Tablet PC with application icons and pie chart
Notepad on stand with pencil
Weather on smartphone
Radio tower
Dollar pack with coins
Customer Service Representative
Bank building
Treasure chest
Bank building — moneybox
Checkbook with pen
Internet security. Laptop with lock.
Credit card reader
Battery icon
Name badge icon isolated on a white background
GPS navigation icons
Business Briefcase with documents and pen
Credit cards
Safety deposit box with key
Cash register
Sale, Shopping Bag
Gold ingots
Bank building
Home multimedia: 3d glasses, entertainment, sound system, microp
Climatic equipment: heater, fan, air humidifier, thermometer, co
Old camera
Wallet full of coins
Paper scroll with quill and ink well
Beauty. Hair care appliances: dryer, curling iron, hairbrush, fl
Home appliances: washing machine, pan, microwave oven, hood.
Piggy bank, moneybox
Computer, player, phone, car radio
Tools: saw, fretsaw, angle grinder
Shop icons: sale, help, bill, card, clipboard, compare, service,
World travel: car, hotel, gps, airplane, earth, gasoline station
Multimedia icons: TV, video camera, dvd player, speakers
Clipboard with check list
Credit card and coins on the sheet
Mobile phone
Display TV
Address book
Cup of tea
Newspaper with cup of tea
Credit card
Money bag
Chronometer and calendar isolated on a white background
Dollars under the glass dome
Man icon isolated on a white background
Mobile phone and coins. Message sign on the screen.
3-D Glasses
Rate of exchange: dollar, euro
Armored Truck
Wallet with dollar and coins.
Man icon isolated on a white background
Woman icon isolated on a white background
Shaving, hygiene: razor, shaver, epilator, brush, cream.
ATM machine
Movie Elements
Shopping cart
Opened safe with gold ingots
Money Counting Machine
Tools: drill, hammer, screwdriver
Hygiene tools: toothbrush, massage bathtub, manicure set, trimme
Best price — Coins at pedestal
Computer game equipment: console, mouse, joystick, wheel, keyboa
Notepad icon isolated on a white background
Delivery van
Hand tools: network wire crimper, pliers, chisel, hammer, screwd
Outlet, flash card, battery charger, wire, CD, diskette, printer
Percent sign on flag
Dollar pack becomes euro, look through magnifier.
Money coins transfer from cards
Green flag
Phone in hand
Kettle sale
Chronometer isolated on a white background
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