Lightbox: Veggies (73)

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Turnips for sale at the Farmers Market
Ripe Tomatoes on the Vine
Three Nice Tomatoes
Big Red Juicy Tomatos
Basket of Fresh Picked Herbs
Fresh lettuce from the garden
Big Pumpkin as Background
Butternut Squash at the Farmers Market
Big and Little Gourds
Organic Broccoli Growing
White Onions at the Farmers Market
Delicata Squash at the Farmers Market
Colorful Carnival Squash
Acorn Squash at the Farmers Market
Sweet Dumpling Squash at the Farmers Market
Red and Green Organic Tomatoes on theVine
Vegetables at the Farmers Market
Bushel of Organic Tomatoes
Lettuce Growing in the Garden
Fresh Organic Produce
Sweet Organic Onion in the Garden
Basket of Tomatos
Tomato Blossoms
Pea Pods Growing in Garden
Green Leaf Lettuce Growing in Garden
Beet Greens Growing in the Garden
Bin of Onions at Farmers Market
Lettuce growing in the Garden
Radishes on a Checkered Table Cloth
Sweet Purple Peppers
Tomato Plant Up Close
Cabbage Patch
Close up of Tomato Plant
Rutabaga at the Farmers Market
Shiny Red Tomatos
Four Red Cherry Tomatos
Fresh New York State Apples
Jack be little Gourds at Farmers Market
carrot - ready to pull
Lots of Halloween Pumpkins
Fresh Butter and Sugar Corn in the Husk
Parsnips for sale at the Farmers Market
Indian Corn on Barn Wall
Peas Beans and Potatoes
Peas by the Bushel
Fall Produce at Roadside Stand
Roadside Market
Pumpkin on the Vine
Red & White Onion Harvest
Drying Red and White Onions
Onions and Gourds Drying
Gardening - Growing Cucumber
Green Tomatoes Ripening on Weathered Board
Egg Shaped Gourds on a Vine
Organic Heirloom Tomato
Organic Tomatoes
Big Yellow Pumpkin Blossoms
Butternut Squash Plants
Celery Plant
Garlic For Sale at the Farmer's Market
Garlic for sale at Farmers Market
Ornamental Kale and Peppers
Colorful Squash and Gourds
Bin of Fresh Picked Sweet corn
Cornfield on the Edge
Endless Roadside Corn Field
Tomato Plant
Grunge Pumpkin
Corn - Ready to Harvest
Indian Corn hanging on wood wall
Opening Sweet Corn
Pumpkin Gourds
Lettuce in the Garden
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