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Woman listening to salesman in doorway
Doctor holding note pad posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Elegant couple riding in in convertible car, (B&W)
Family with two children at home, portrait
Man playing football
Young couple dancing in empty room, (B&W)
Woman typing
Young businessman in studio smiling, (B&W), portrait
Woman smiling, holding pen
Freezing Machine
Free Trade Meeting
Male doctor using microscope in surgery, (B&W)
Businessman presenting notebook, (B&W), portrait
Men looking at group in meeting
Young couple dancing in studio, (B&W)
Elegant girl (4-5) eating ice cream outdoors, (B&W)
Father and two sons playing baseball
Twin sisters (12-13) drinking through straws from same glass
Woman suffering headache, posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Two women gossiping in studio (B&W)
Mature man gesturing in studio, portrait
Woman smiling, posing with hand under chin
Dickey Bird
Young woman cupping hand to ear, (B&W), (Portrait)
Mother and daughter in supermarket
Spring Bulb
Elegant woman standing in studio, gesturing, (B&W), portrait
Two young boys (6-7) riding tricycle in park, (B&W), portrait
Girl eating cotton-candy at fair
Businessman in studio looking through magnifying glass
Couple hugging, woman holding gift, (B&W)
Husband and wife watching television
Family with two children (8-9) playing checkers (B&W).
Two couples holding hands, running on footpath, (B&W)
Woman answering phone
Men shaking hands
Postman in street, portrait
Woman in white apron pointing with finger
Cologne Cathedral
Young woman looking through lifebelt, smiling, (B&W)
Man cupping hand to ear, posing, smiling, (B&W), portrait
Young businessman looking surprised, posing in studio.
Young Boy Operating a Radio in His Living Room
Woman working with electric drill in factory, (B&W)
Young nurse sitting at desk, writing, (B&W)
Family with two children (4-5) on walk, (B&W)
Smiling woman wearing apron posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Man throwing football
Family sitting around table, having meal, children
Helping Humpty
Man making OK gesture, winking in studio, (B&W), portrait
Girl and boy at lemonade stand
Man standing behind woman, covering her eyes (B&W)
Two young businessmen talking at small desk, (B&W)
Baby (9-12 months) in baby seat crying, (B&W), close-up
Woman preparing to dive into pool
Male runner jumping from starting blocks at beginning of race
Father with arms around children, boy (10-11) girl (6-7), (B&W)
Young couple playing with beach ball at water's edge
Smithfield Winner
Vanity Fair
Man sitting at desk, holding pencil to lip, (B&W), portrait
Optician examining patient's eyes, (B&W)
Mother holding daughter (2-3) in studio, (B&W), portrait
Smiling couple sitting in kitchen amongst party preparations
Woman suffering headache standing at kitchen sink (B&W),
Elegant man posing in studio, (B&W), close-up, portrait
Elegant woman smoking cigarette, posing in studio, (B&W)
Man in full suit standing on sidewalk, (B&W), (Portrait)
Woman making face in studio, (B&W), close-up, portrait
Woman holding blank paper
Two girls (3-4), (4-5) sitting at table with birthday cake.
Victorian Fashions
Young businessman holding wine glass, (B&W), portrait
Young couple embracing in field, man kissing woman, (B&W)
Asiatic Armour
Couple walking with golf carts in front of clubhouse
Young man pointing in studio, (B&W), (Close-up), (Portrait)
Male pharmacist working with test tubes in laboratory, (B&W)
Young couple singing, man playing piano, (B&W)
Woman typing
Businessman looking surprised, posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Young woman holding glass of milk, (B&W), portrait
Mother and daughter making pie
Man jumping through air on skis
Young male university graduate holding diploma, (B&W), portrait
Man flexing muscles
Man holding clipboard and pencil
Businessman reading newspaper, (B&W)
Woman wearing bikini sitting on log on beach, (B&W), (Portrait)
Store clerk weighing tomatoes for client (B&W)
Woman running with beach ball
Man smiling and posing
Woman filing
Woman with hand to face, looking surprised
Woman giving presentation to group in meeting
Man on springboard ready to jump, (B&W), low angle view
Mother lying in bed smiling to baby (0-6 months)
American Signatures
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