Lightbox: Major Macros (278)

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Venus Flytrap Close-up, Isolated on Black
Bee Flying to Sunflower Pollen
Close-up of Dandelion Seeds on Green Background
Grasshopper Smiling
Bee start to fly
Bee fly to a crocus
Macro of Lily Flower Petals and Stamen
Frosty pattern
Dandelion seed
Butterfly on Flower Bud
Two ladybugs on leaf
Carnivorous plant
Close-Up of Grasshopper Sitting in Flower Stem
insect snack
Mantis religiosa
Bumblebee on Flower, Macro
Close-up of Bee About to Land on Pink Flower
Boll Weevil close up on flower leaves, Colorado
New flower detail
Mantis religiosa
Pollen Covered Insect pollinating a hollyhock
Large Golden Orb Spider
Spider Capturing Honey bee
Close-up of Meadowhawk Dragonfly
Fly on a Flower
Extreme Close-up of Tiger Beetle's Face and Antennae
Close-Up Image of Damselfly on Flower Stem
Hoverfly macro
Flowers and stem
Soldier Fly [Stratiomyidae]
Let Me In
Close-up of Fly Insect
Ants and Aphids
Ladybug on flower
Ladybug sitting on wildflower during sunrise
Housefly on Wall
Yellow dung fly
Horse Fly (Haematopota crassicornis)
Red dragonfly
Dragonfly Eyes
Frosted Reds
Rhingia hoverfly macro
Greenbottle fly portrait
Drop on the leaf
Grasshopper on Dahlia flower - II
Dragonfly Eyes
Bug on Purple
mosquito (culex pipiens)
lady bug and lilac flower
Grasshopper portrait
Group of Ladybugs Crawling on Flower
Centipede (poss  Lithobius forficatus)
cluster of burning matches
Tiny Weevil macro
European Honey Bee [Apis mellifera]
Ant - likely Formica (Serviformica) sp.
Miner bee (Andrena sp.)
Black locust borer
Protea Abstract, Flower, Background, Tropical, Macro
Colorful Zygaenidae moth on wildflower during sunset
Bumblebee pollinating plant in meadow
Blue Dasher Dragonfly
burning matches with blue element
Butterfly on leaf
Close-up of Bluebottle Fly's Eyes and Face
Insect Flying Through Field
Fly on stonecrop
Floating fly on corn-cockle
Wasp on golden rod
Robber Fly
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