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Helping Hands arranged in a circle
X-ray of skull with lightbulb - a better idea!
Revolutionary War soldier holding his musket in sepia
Battleship USS North Carolina
Low back xray
Winter Scene Through a Candle-lit Window
Cute Boston Terrier dog in a Christmas Santa hat
Color image of rural mailbox on a cloudy day
Antique journal on table
Color image of rural black mailbox,  yellow flag, open door
Low angle color image of rural mailbox, door open
Christmas wreath on a log cabin door in snow
Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution
Colorful apples in a heart-shaped wooden bowl
Stone steps to log cabin in snow, black and white
Black and white image of mailbox, open door, low angle
Preparing to press the button
Revolutionary War re-enactor pouring a cup of coffee
Steaming cup of coffee on a cold morning
Log Cabin in Snow, Black and White
Twin railroad tracks in winter
Washington Monument against a stormy sky
Declaration of Independence with inkwell on burlap
Sand Dollar: Eisenhower and Sacajawea
Anterior view of a model human skeleton with color highlights
Black and white image of mailbox, muted lighting
Christmas wreath on log cabin door in snow, b&w
Log cabin chimney in snow, black and white sepia
North Carolina Log Cabin in Snow, color, high contrast
Log cabins in winter, black and white sepia
Log Cabin in Snow
Wood bowl of strawberries on a camp table
Cooking over a campfire in an antique setting
Cooking over an open fire at a living history camp
Model skeleton in a sensitive pose, front view
Anterior model skeleton saying the Pledge of Alligience
Skull model from front
Head of a model skeleton
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