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Microphone Girl Pointing
Young Singer Pointing 5
Consoling Daughter 3
Microphone Girl #4
Big Blackjack Win
Checking The Card
Big Bet
Swan Faced Girl with Balloon
Microphone Girl Reaching #2
Strawberry Heart and Champagne 4
Throw The Dice
Painted Swan Face Girl
Microphone Girl #3
Microphone Girl Reaching Out
Young Singer Sitting and Smiling
Cold one and a Pair
Swan Face Girl 2
Roll of the Dice
Microphone Girl #7
Playing The Field
Playing The Pass Line
Throw Those Dice
Young Singer Sitting 2
Singing Into a Microphone #6
Big Field Bet
New father and his baby son
MP3 Girl, Hands Up
Motorcross Rider
Cannonball Girl
Icky Gummy Worm
Girl and Drinking Fountain
Loving That Music
Rose and Champagne 2
Seven a Winner
Rose and Champagne #3
Throw the dice
Driving 1
Young Singer, Looking Up
Strawberry and Champagne 2
Sleeping Baby Boy
Dice in Beer
Girl Feeds Horse Apple
Pair of Aces and a Beer
Snowball Chucker
Big Bluff
Picking a Pair
Young Singer 19
Curious sunburned little girl
Happy Pool Girl
Feeding The Horse 2
Microphone Girl #2
Young Singer, Head Back
Young Singer Sitting and Pointing
Young Singer, Eyes Shut
Placing tee and ball
Poker and a Beer
Lining Up The Shot
Desert Walk
Chips and Dice
Marked Ball 2
Make a Wish
Girl Enjoying a Cool Treat
Golf glove, ball and tee
Young Singer 1
$20 Dollar Allowance
Cross Eyed Gummi Girl
Young Singer 2
MP3 Girl Dancing
Love That Song
Beach Cutie
Young Singer, Hands Out 6
Angry Snowball Girl
Three of a kind (queens)
Angry Goose
MP3 Girl Smiling
Red Rose #1
Cute Cheeks
Red Rose #6
Playing The Field
Sleeping Girl #7
Daisy #2
Rose in a Champagne Glass
Strawberry Heart and Champagne 1
Diving Board Girl
Strawberry Splash #3
Champagne and Strawberries #2
Purple Daisy
Strawberry Heart and Champagne 3
Poker Cam (Pair of Aces)
Young Singer 12
Happy Baby Boy
Holding Earphones
For a Wish
Strawberry Heart and Champagne 5
Young Singer, Hand Out 3
Ante Up
Mark the Ball
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