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On Vacation
Stones at Lake Crescent
Gay Couple on Lake
Boat Dock
Descent To Machu Picchu
Senior Wheelchair
Biking the Chicago Lakefront
Afghan Blanket
Snowglobe 2
Beach Rocks
Blankets in Marketplace
Open Drawbridge
Desert Landscaping
Bits of Blue
Winter Snowglobe
Let It Be
Broken Green Glass
The Losing Ticket
Nipple Ring
Shipping Port
Danger Lurks at the Front Gate
Lunch In Ollantaytambo
The Cost of Healthcare
Boat Winch
Aerial Higway
Enjoying the View
Basement Pipes
Snowglobe 3
Distant Sycamore
Floating Leaf
Chicago Skyline
The Cake is Baked
Island View From Above
Corn Storage
Red Blankets
Beach Grass
Standing in the Surf at Sunset
Purple Stem Pokeweed
Machu Picchu, Peru #2
Machu Picchu House Ruins
No Diving
Corn on the Cob
Conservatory Greenhouse
Cactus Branch
Making Faces at Children
Garden Gloves
Machu Picchu, Peru
Danger Lurks
Headed to the Oven!
Beach Grass & Adirondacks
The Formal Garden
Birth of Capitalism - Blue
Sit Here
Overcast Lakefront
Incan Ruins - Winaywayna, Peru
Barn Wall
Cobalt Blue
Cloud Reflections
Cherry Mouse
Bicycle Tire
Twin Grain Elevators
Blooming Fern
Sandy Footprint
Drying Pottery
Blankets in Marketplace #2
Yellow Tomatoes
Rope on Deck
Commercial Landscaping
Wrought Iron Abstract
Dead Palm Fronds
Tracks Out of the City
Dinner Bell
Antique Seed Planter
Birth of Capitalism - Red
Vertical Giraffe
Single Seagull
Beach Couple
Japanese Maple Seed Pod
Sandcastle Man
Sculpture Profile
Red Corn Crib
No Skateboarding
Boats & Buildings
Stairs to Water
Water Dropplet
Gray Stones
Two Green Peppers
Blue Balconies
Machu Picchu Center Court
Machu Picchu, Peru #3
Incan Ruins - Winaywayna, Peru #2
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