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Hour Glass with Clouds Time Lapse 3
HD lightning 1 HDV
lightning 2 motion jpeg
HD lightning 1 (motion jpeg)
Monarch Butterfly 2 NTSC
High Definition HD Hourglass Time Lapse with Cloud Background
Watch Timelapse
Arrivals 2
Hour Glass with Clouds Time Lapse 1
Watch Midnight Wash Out
Snowflakes over Blue Cloud Background
Watch Gears Close Up
Jump Rope 2
Fire Alarm Pull Station
Mallory Square Sunset Sailboat NTSC
School Hallway Pan
Phone 1
Lightning NTSC
Locks 3
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) HD
Sunset Sailboats NTSC
Flaming Fire Exit Sign
Woodpecker 3
Silver Dyckia Plant
Sunrise Pelican 4b
Couple at Sunset NTSC
Naples Pier Sunset Time lapse NTSC
White Lab Mouse in Laboratory HD
Arrivals Time Lapse 1
St. Petersburg Sunset Time Lapse NTSC
St Petersburg Sunset Skyline Timelapse (Post Method)
At the Starlight HD
White Spring Blossoms 3
Tall ship at sunrise
Extreme Close Up Red Rose
Naples Pier Day NTSC
Sunset Sailboats 3 NTSC
Alligator 1 NTSC
Yatch 1
Hour Glass with Clouds Time Lapse 2
Waverunner in Ocean NTSC
Jump Rope 1
Watch Gears Close Up 2
Monarch Butterfly 3 NTSC
watch with cover closed Time Lapse fast
Glass Artisan 8
Snowy Road 2
Red Candle Close Up
Science 10
Glass Artisan 6
Urban Pelican
Locks 4
End of Twilight NTSC
Naples Pier Day 5 NTSC
Monarch Butterfly 4 NTSC
Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly 1 NTSC
River Rapids 9
Pink Flowers 1
Watch Gears Time Lapse
Sunrise Pelican 4A
Foggy Pines HD
Glass Artisan 1
Monarch Butterfly 1 NTSC
Woodpecker 2
Arrivals 3
Pelican 2 NTSC
River Rapids 2
Pelican 1 NTSC
Sunrise Pelican #3
Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly 7 NTSC
Woodpecker 1
Tall Ship Sunrise Aft zoom out
Naples Pier Twilight 2 NTSC
Arrivals 4
Locks 1
Watch 1
River Rapids 10
Subtle Lightning Background
Abstract Fluid Dynamics HD #10
Arrivals 5
Glass Artisan 4
St Petersburg Skyline Timelapse
Icy Branch #3 HD
Julia Butterfly 1 NTSC
Timelapse of Obscured Moon NTSC
Yacht on the Gulf of Mexico at Sunset NTSC
Fireworks 4
Science 3
Spider in Web NTSC
Watch with cover closed Time Lapse
Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly 2 NTSC
Hermit Crab
Zebra Longwing Butterfly 1 NTSC
Sunrise Pelican 1
Goblet Smash
Fireworks 8
Abstract Fluid Dynamics HD #9
Naples Pier Day 4 NTSC
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