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Contract worker trimming tree branches away from power lines
New houses
Scientist sampling pollution levels in creek
Man painting ship in dry dock
Homeless man with shopping cart
Boats on lake and city
Wood chip piles and raw timber
Lake Washington and city of Bellevue with mountain range behind
Yachts in storage
Aircraft carrier at sunset
Worker trimming tree branches away from power lines
Man painting house
Expecting mothers only
Sailboat on lake in front of city
Excavator loader machine separating metal from concrete at demol
Crane with shearing tool demolishing old building
Ship discharging ballast water into lake
Grapple on crane descending to pick up logs from truck
Boxes at edge of tulip field in Skagit Valley WA
Crane's grapple picking up logs to deposit on pile
Old apple orchard blossoming in spring
Duck swims through S-curve in irrigation canal
Rotting boat at old shipbuilding site on bay in Washington
Fields of flowers growing in Skagit Valley WA
Stormwater outlet draining into bay
Man painting ship's hull with roller
Telephone booth
Tree trimmer with power saw
Welder on construction site
Scientist sampling creek's polluted water
Scientist sampling pollution levels in creek
Smelting plant at iron ore mine in Minnesota
Steps and cables for maintenance workers in concrete bridge
Clinic in downtown alley
Pile of surplus grain at community granaries in South Dakota
Office building with solar panels in Saint Paul MN
Padlocked door of lighthouse at entrance to harbor in Milwaukee
Plywood box around fuel pump at closed gas station
Hot peppers in purple baskets for sale at farmers' market
Granaries and loader above truck in Montana
Warning sign about poison gas in oil field
Dead trees near shoreline of Lake Hebgen in Montana
Medicine Wheel is an ancient Native American site in Wyoming
Dirt road through canyon in central Wyoming
Settling ponds at paper mill in Idaho
Old barn and silo in remote southeastern Washington state
Cloths represent prayers at ancient Medicine Wheel in Wyoming
Furniture repairs
Milled and stacked redwood in lumber yard
Welder with torch at shipbuilder's yard
Furniture restorer
Agricultural irrigation
Irrigation equipment for almond orchards in central California
Houseboats on Lake Union in Seattle WA
New apartments and old office building in Seattle WA
Seine net in turntable on deck of fishing boat
Gas meters on manufactory
House with office building surrounding it in Seattle WA
Electric fans on greenhouse
Entrance to bridge across Lake Washington in Seattle WA
Window washer cleaning upper stories of office tower in Osaka
Bridge tender's tower under construction on new drawbridge
Red barn in rural Washington state
Electric motor moving conveyor belt at gravel quarry
No trespassing on timber land in Washington state
Maple leaves turning red in autumn
Shards of obsidian and pumice at lava flow in Oregon
Trail through obsidian flow in central Oregon
Power lines running below geological formation in Nevada
Dirt and gravel on conveyor belt leading to processing plant
House above cliff prone to landslides on river in Washington
Conveyor belt carrying rocks and dirt to processing plant
I-90 floating bridges across Lake Washington in Seattle
Pool Chemicals
Crushed baled metal for recycling
Man and woman walking on trail in Palm Springs CA
Truckload of harvested hops at processing plant in Washington st
Dirt road on hillside in Nevada
House under construction
Four doorbells and speaker on residence in Savannah GA
Combine harvesting wheat in Whitman County WA
Lake Calhoun and Minneapolis
Furniture repairs
Picnic table on beach of Lake Superior in Wisconsin
Hummingbird gathering nectar from blossom
Hops ready for harvest in late summer
Conveyor belt dumping leaves and stems of hop plants
Elevator ascending apartment building under construction
Overview of town in Minnesota
Cell tower disguised as saguaro cactus in Phoenix AZ
Used and discarded car tires
Winch's rope holding boat above river in Seattle WA
Crane and factory
Sailboat for sale in dry dock
Victorian-style house under repair
View of Bellevue in Washington state
Crane moving shredded metal into container for export
Lawn mowing day in planned community
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