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old granny
HD: Female leans and drives backwards
HD: Changing rubbers on the car's wipers
HD: Man changes the rubber on a wiper
HD: Close shot of wipers cleaning the windshield
HD: Cleaning windshield with wipers and liquid
HD: Activated wipers are polishing the windscreen
HD: Close shot of spraying the windshield
HD: Car wiper standing in the air away from windscreen
HD: Male takes rubber off the wiper
HD: Girl with a happy face sits in car
HD: Close shot of car's wipers
HD: Low angle shot of wipers polishing windscreen
HD: Man with sunglases playing red guitar in slow motion
HD: Man playing the synth and turning around
HD: Well dressed man playing a red guitar
HD: Detail shot of a person playing red electronic guitar
HD SLOW: Two young women jump from bench towards camera
HD SLOW: Two females run and jump on park bench
HD SLOW: Two females jum towards the camera in slo-mo
HD SLOW: Wide shot of two teenagers jumping in air
HD SLOW: Enjoying the view above Ljubljana city
HD SLOW: Enjoying the view
HD SLOW: Total shot of jumping on bench
HD-SLOW: Two women run past camera shot in low angle
HD SLOW: Two females run straight towads camera
HD SLOW: Young females with backpacks run along park avenue
HD SLOW: Girls run towards camera in park avenue shot
HD SLOW: Two females walking on avenue away toward horizon
HD-SLOW: Two young girls run and kick piles autumn leaves
HD SLOW: Women find the view on mids of stairs
HD SLOW: Woman at staircase on sunny winter day
HD SLOW: Girls ascend concrete staircase in the nature
HD SLOW: Two women approach staircase and start to ascend
HD SLOW: Two girls jumping high in to air
HD-SLOW: Girls throw leaevs into air and jump from bench
HD SLOW: Women throw the leaves and jump from bench
HD-SLOW: Leaves disperse in air after girls throw it high
HD-SLOW: Girls throw leaves high into air at same time
HD SLOW: Young females throw autumn leaves high into air
HD SLOW: Two women throw leaves into air
HD-SLOW: Young hikers take a seat on bench in park
HD SLOW: Two women walking shot in slow motion
HD SLOW: Two women turn towards great view over city
HD SLOW: Two walkers sit on a bench
HD SLOW: Two young women walk through park
HD SLOW: Two female backpackers rest on bench in park
HD-SLOW: Low angle of two hikers walking in park
HD SLOW: Female hikers take a rest on wooden bench
HD SLOW: Two females walk through forrest away from camera
HD SLOW: Young females enjoy the hiking in winter time
HD SLOW: Two young women high above old city
HD SLOW: Female tourists jump and enjoy the view
HD SLOW: Close shot of two young women
HD SLOW: Young women dressed in winter jacket during walking
HD SLOW: Two young women hike around
HD-SLOW: Women find place in great view
HD SLOW: Middle-aged women walk through the park
HD SLOW: Girls coounting the bank notes alternately
HD-SLOW: Blond girl looks at bunch of money in hands
HD SLOW: Blond teenager plays with bundle of money
HD SLOW: Teenagers hold some money bills and count them
HD SLOW: Close shot of girls drinking hot tea
HD SLOW: Girlss have fun in front of television
HD SLOW: Blond girl attacks with pillows at same time
HD SLOW: Blond girl puts the glasses on
HD SLOW: Girl takes off the glasses and cleans them
HD SLOW: Detail shot of girl reading with glasses
HD SLOW: Close shot of girls face with glasses
HD-SLOW: Female student tries hard to see whats on tv
HD SLOW: Girl tries hard to see whats on television
HD SLOW: Female student suffers hard blow from a pillow
Pour hot water into the cup
HD SLOW: Blond girl takes hard punch with a pillow
HD SLOW: Girls start to fight with pillows
HD-SLOW: Dreadlock girl talks with a smile on face
HD SLOW: Teenagers hold some money bills and count them
HD SLOW: Girl answers the call
HD-SLOW: Blonde gets a call and answers it watching tv
HD-SLOW: Girls with deadpan faces bored as hell watching televis
HD-SLOW: Girl talks over mobile and asks her girlfriend somethin
HD SLOW: Blond girl decides to channge the chanel
HD SLOW: Girl watches television bumps one who reads
HD SLOW: One girl reads the book other watches television
HD SLOW: Girl fells a sleep in front of TV
HD SLOW: Exhausted teenagers watch tv
HD SLOW: Bored girls get sleepy while watching tv
HD SLOW: Bored girls watch tv programme
HD SLOW: Teenagers are bored while watching television
HD SLOW: Girls watch television and eat some snack
HD-SLOW: Girls sip tea and eat snack
HD SLOW: Girls make sips of tea in slow motion
HD-SLOW: Blond long haired girl swaps channel with remote
HD SLOW: Blond teenager girl seeks for the right channel
HD SLOW: Teenager swaps the channel with remote
HD-SLOW: Girls watch television, cover their mouths with palms
HD-SLOW: Girls smile so hard they must cover their mouths
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