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Beautiful outlook of Rio De Janeiro SHOT ON RED EPIC
Brazil, sugarloaf gondola  - SHOT ON RED EPIC
Brazilian overlook Rio De Janeiro SHOT ON RED EPIC
Beautiful SoCal steadicam sunset - SHOT ON RED EPIC
Beautiful outlook of Copacabana Rio SHOT ON RED EPIC
Beautiful wave crests over camera at sunset
Beautiful sunset over the open ocean
Beautiful wave breaks at sunset/ sunrise
Big wave breaks over the camera in slow motion
Baby monkey gets playful
Big shark swims slowly through open ocean looking for prey
Stand Up Paddle boarder at sunset
Huge 20ft wave breaking over reef in Indonesia shot slowmotion
Breaking 20 foot wave crashes over surfer riding the barrel
Surfer ride huge wave and pulls into big barrel
Stand Up Paddle boarder at sunset on ocean
Stand Up Paddle on ocean at sunset
Shot in Indonesia from the water. Wave barrels over camera.
Breaking 20 foot wave crushes surfer in barrel
Big 20 foot wave breaks over camera
Australia surfer boosts big air on wave
Australia wave with surf on surfing
Australia wave with surfer riding
Big 20 foot wave breaking on shore in Mexico
Big wave crashing down, slow pull
Macro photography of ants marching
Huge heavy wave barreling across a reef in Indonesia
Big blue 20ft wave barreling down reef in remote Indonesia.
Huge 20 foot wave breaking in Indonesia, slow motion
Australia wave with surfer riding
Huge wave crashes over surfer riding the barrel and falls
Golfer sinks a putt at sunset shot in HD
Oil drilling and refinery near families homes in Los Angeles
Surfer ride huge wave and pulls into big barrel
Single palm in skyline
Australia wave with surfer riding
surfer in water watching sunset
Wave crashed on beach with pelicans flying in early morning
Silhouette of surfers with surfboards at sunset
Big wave in Australia with surfer making carve on face
Cloud timelapse over a telephone pole
Rain droplets on still water
Ants carrying food to colony in Costa Rica.
Ants eating bee timelapse
Big 20 foot empty barrel wave
Beautiful palms blowing in the wind
Sunset out of airplane window
Surfer on wave in Australia
Beautiful sunset over ocean with kayaks paddling through
Clouds time-lapse in Australia
Clouds moving over tropical hill in Tahiti
Australia wave with surf on surfing
Surfer pulls into barrel on a wave in Australia.
Indonesian monkey scratching is bottom
Pelican diving into ocean chasing a fish in early morning
Kauai Waterfall
Baby Indonesian monkey scratching sitting eating.
Long 15ft wave breaking along a secluded reef in Indonesia.
Indonesia sunset with boat in foreground, wide shot.
Autumn trees in the Sierra Mountains
Beautiful lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Boy walking on road with palms in background
Beach in Australia
Australian Timelapse over Brisbane
colorful hibiscus flower slowing floating down stream in Tahiti
Butterfly sitting on plant moving wings slowly
blue body of water with rain droplets hitting the surface
Close up of ocean water running onto beach.
Costa Rican Iguana sitting on log
Cloud timelapse at sunset
Beautiful Australian beach with Seagull in foreground
Cloud formations out of airplane window
Reflection timelapse in Tahiti
Timelapse with pine tree in foreground
Slow motion empty barreling wave in Tahiti
Solitary fishing boat
Golfer hits solid drive, shot in HD.
Golfer hit good chip shot onto green, filmed in HD.
Los Angeles 405 Traffic timelapse
Los Angeles 405 Traffic timelapse
Oil drilling near family homes. Juxtaposition.
Oil drilling near family homes
Big empty wave breaks down the beach
Surfer jumps into ocean with surfboard and begins to paddle
Autumn leaves and snow
Creek with snow on hillside in background and trees
Autumn leaves on a tree with mountains in background
Boat crossing lake with snow and fog rising in foreground
Birds sitting on lake with hills covered in snow
Wide angle of Australia's Newcastle coastline
Bead of water falling off a leaf in Costa Rica
Calm stream in Tahiti
Cloud timelapse over hillside in Costa Rica
Moon rising
Water crashing over rocks
Two flowers floating down river in Tahiti
Flowers on moonlight river
Sunset timelapse in Costa Rica
Timelapse of heavenly clouds
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