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Interesting things - 19th century printing machine
Food - Pizza
Interesting things - 19th century printing machine
Food - Hawaiian styled BBQ Pork Sandwich
Transportation - Train Interior
Human -  The hand
Food - Roast chicken French country style
Food - Salmon burger
Light and Texture
By the sea - Ancient Royal Hawaiian bathing pools
Plants - Coconut Tree - Cocos nucifera
Moody asian interiors
Transportation  - Old Faded Red Car
Plants - Coconut Tree - Cocos nucifera
Drinks - Cool Plantation Ice Tea
Dietary Suppliment - Milk Thistle
Food - Stirfry Chinese Vegetables
Modern Condominium
Food - Roast Chicken French style
Text - ATM sign
Food - Falafel
Interesting things - 60's Pop style chair
Food - Shaking Beef
Food -Burger with mushroom and garlic fries
Hawaiian Heliconias
Food - Hawaiian Papaya
Muir Woods California
Text - Mexican Food Sign
food - stir fry vegetable dish
Food - Mexican rice and beans
Black & white - Vintage car dash board
Food - Fried Rice
Food - Luffa (Asian) Gourd
Architecture Interiors - Seattle Public Library Interior
Hawaii - Mauna Kea Summit
Human - Male head
Supplies - Fountain Pen
Food - Eggs and things
Interesting things - Rusty metal screen
By the sea - Chained and rusty
Modern condominium
Food - Lemons, leeks, potatos and onions
Building exteriors - Downtown Honolulu - Reflection
Interesting things - Hawaiian telephone
Supplies - Fountain Pen
Hawaii - Mauna Kea landscape
Modern condominium
Interesting things - Men's silver ring (brandless)
Modern Building
Plants - Hawaiian Haleakala 'ahinahina - Silversword - photo #2
Black & white - Vintage car seats
Interesting things - steel bars
Interesting things - Dreamy feathers
Food - Lemon Tarts
Modern condominium
By the sea - Hawaii  - Crashing waves
Food - Asian noodles
Interesting things - Asian utensils
Architecture interiors - Stairs
Food - Spicey Prawns
Food - Baked Almond Chicken
Food - Rice Dumpling
Modern condominium
Modern Condominium
By the sea - Hawaii - West Coast Oahu
Food - chocolate squares
Food - Dungeness Crab
Food - Hawaiian Bigeye Scad on ice
Dietary Suppliment - Zinc Tablets
Hawaii - Mauna Kea Summit
Food - Ginger root
Night scape - Moon
Heliconia crab claw
Black and White - Vintage Ford car
Food - Crabs in a tank
Building exteriors - Indian window
Furukake Salmon
Drinks - Cool clear water
By the sea - Lava rocks and green sea moss - Hawaii
Food - Rambutan
Building exteriors - Apartments
Plants - Hawaii - Haleakala 'ahinahina - Silversword
Interesting Objects - Gold idol Statues
Interesting things - Christmas decorations
Interesting things - Spoon and chopsticks
Human - Male body flexing
Interesting Things - Gold Face
Food - Chocolate dessert
Colonial shophouses, Singapore
Interesting things - Men's silver ring (brandless)
Human - Male body language
Interesting things - 60's pop style chair
Food - Okinawan sweet potato
Materials - Natural slate floor tiles
Landscape - Hawaii - Lava landscape
Wild animals - Common Hawaiian Spotted Dove
Food - crispy gau gee (Cantonese name)
Architecture - Tuscany Styled Window
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