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Portfolio: mitja2 (2178)

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Smoke Abstract IV
Smoke Abstract III
Mixing console knobs II
Acoustic joy (acoustics and bass mix)
After work party (clean mix)
Smoke Abstract II
Thumbs up to the sky Mexico
Thumbs up to the sky Germany
Pool party (less synths mix)
Satisfaction (no drums mix)
To be or not (power mix)
Spain thumb up
Summertime (no brass mix)
France thumb up
Thumbs up to the sky UK
Thumbs up to the sky Spain
Thumbs up to the sky Japan
Playroom (soft mix)
Thumbs up to the sky India
Summertime (jamaica tempo mix)
Flying dream (faster mix)
Thumbs up to the sky France
Wide open (acoustic mix)
Thumbs up to the sky EU
Thumbs up to the sky China
Good times (faster mix)
Eighties song (base mix)
Thumbs up to the sky Canada
Thumbs up to the sky Brazil
Happy leisure (piano mix)
Mystery Piano (solo mix)
Thumbs up to the sky Australia
Regret (loop)
Mexico thumb up
Germany thumb up
Acoustic joy (acoustics only mix)
Australia thumb up
Large Blank Pill IV
After work party (no e-guitar mix)
Large Blank Pill III
Large Blank Pill II
Large Blank Pill I
Magazines II
Magazines III
Abstract wave II
Audio Mixing console II
Venetian Mask II
Audio Mixing console I
Venetian Mask I
Field of joy  (lite mix)
China thumb up
Thumbs up to the sky USA
Brazil thumb up
Playroom (slower mix)
Optimism (piano mix)
Canada thumb up
EU thumb up
Mixing console knobs I
Pool party (loop)
Circle in the sky (faster mix)
After work party (no funk guitar mix)
Brown eye macro
Power up (lite mix)
Hi contrast eye macro
Audio Mixing console V
Magazines I
Smoke Abstract V
Melancholy (slower mix)
Speaker / Loudspeaker II
Sweet Home (transparent mix)
DC news package (lite bed)
Smoke Abstract VIII
Gala event (jingle,bumper,stinger,intro)
Smoke Abstract VII
Mixing console fader II
Pure drive (fast power mix)
Blue smile (lite mix)
Audio Mixing console VI
Smoke Abstract VI
Sweet day (no piano version)
Circle in the sky (soft dreamy mix)
Smoke Abstract I
The Time Is Now (full version loop)
Mixing console knob
Audio Mixing console IV
Mulholland (no solo guitar mix)
Venetian Mask IV
Audio Mixing console III
Heart (no power mix)
Venetian Mask III
Cattails & Reeds II
Beautiful sunflower V
Beautiful sunflower IV
Beautiful sunflower III
Cattails & Reeds I
Field of sunflowers II
Field of sunflowers I
Beautiful sunflower II
Beautiful sunflower VI
Light Air (piano & acoustic mix loop)
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