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colorful kite
Germany: red underground, not so fast
Austria: red and white grapes
swinging chair's fun
architecture: Millennium Tower, Millenium City (Vienna)
grapes on vine
Germany: red underground, fast
alpine idyll in Austria
blackberries 2/2
architecture: beautiful church at Christmas time
France: Metropolitain underground station, Paris
futuristic ceiling 2
architecture: white business building 2
Burgers neon sign
Austrian Underground station (Vienna)
colorful shoes
Fall in Granny's Garden - Grape
chicken anyone?
EU (European Union) flag 1/2
Europe, Netherlands: windmill [1 of 2]
blue and yellow subway station in Germany
bath oil and sponges
blackberries 1/2
architecture: Vienna International Centre (United Nations, UNIDO
Venice Carnival
Austrian garden gnome, holding 2 birds
backlighted plastic bottles
colorful subway station
games: soccer table 1
games: soccer table 3
lighters meeting
Venice Carnival: mask in red and yellow
EU (European Union) flag 2/2
apartment building, cloudy sky
cash: get the Euros
cleaning shoes
embroidery silk
colorful 'traffic lights tomatoes'
flag of Macedonia
animals: dog waiting for the train
Venice Carnival: mask between pillars 2
architecture: big blue business building
architecture: Millennium Tower, Millennium City (Vienna) 2
Venice Carnival: 2 masks in silver and blue
bowling shoes
Colorful Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Time: Santa planning his route
Venice Carnival: mask, inviting
Cars: Citroen 2 CV
fashion: ladies shoes, red
Venice Carnival: Joker mask in front of pillars
Are you nuts?
Venice Carnival: Lady in B&W
black beauties
Belgium: yellow motorcycle with side-car
camera windup toy
business building at night
grapes on vine
architecture: white business building
ferris wheel
Venice Carnival: musician mask/costume
architecture: brick house
architecture: white business building 3
encyclopedia of the 19th century
Venice Carnival: mask with armour
futuristic ceiling
CD neon sign
bales of hay 3/3
boot of Hungarian rider
Austrian Underground station (Vienna)
fashion: red suede shoes
Venice Carnival: mask between pillars
animals: pigeon on stone wall
I need a pedicure
green hitchhiker
big grasshopper on microwave lid
architecture: extreme building 2
Venice Carnival: Syberian beauty
bales of hay 1/3
Hot Little Rocket
blue grapes on vine
wild thing
coffee grinders
cash: framed money
Venice Carnival: Couple in turquoise costumes
Are you (wal)nuts?
architecture: extreme building
games: soccer table 2
lighters in a row
fashion: red suede shoe
lock full of rust
cash: Forint - Hungarian money 2
Venice Carnival: mask and birdcage
Venice Carnival: mask holding rose
Venice Carnival: Couple in turquoise costumes
cash: Forint - Hungarian money 3
Venice Carnival: Couple in turquoise costumes, holding hands
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