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Meat: Bacon
Drinks: Bottle of Milk
Coffee: Beans
Cosmetics: Nail Polish and Puddle
Medical: Pills
Flowers: Rose
Cheese Stills:
Meat: Bacon
Textile: Blue Wool
Sandwich Stills: Bagel with Smoked Salmon
Wine: Champagne Cork
Ingredients: Flax Seeds
Chess: Queen and Knights
Fresh Herbs: Parsley
Italian Ingredients: Farfalle
Office: Paper Plane
Candy: Meringue
Flowers: Orchid
Seafood: Fish
Glasses: Sunglasses
Fresh Herbs: Oregano
Soup Stills: Chicken
Wellness: Green Spa Theme
Fresh Herbs: Thyme
Work Tools: Hammer
Cocktail Stills: Cola
Picture Frames: White Frame
Kitchen: Rolling Pin
Fruit: Raspberry
Sandwich Stills: Toast with Jam
Asian Stills: Stir Fried Vegetables
Finance: Painkillers on Stock Chart
Vegetables: Sweet Potato
Beans, Lentils, Peas and Grains: Rice
Ingredients: Capers
Picture Frames: Pink Frame
Wellness: Green Spa Theme
Clean: Broom
Italian Ingredients: Tagliatelle
Breads: Bagels
Cosmetics: Lipstick
Baby: Milk in Bottle
Shoes: Green Baby Shoe
Cocktails Isolated: Strawberry Cocktail
Money: Piggy Bank
Work Tools: Hammer
Fruit: Cranberries
Wellness: Pink Spa Theme with Bath Salt and Orchid
Office: Lamp
Chocolate: Bar in Silver Foil
Objects: Electric Iron
Light Bulbs:
Snacks: Potato Chips
Objects: Oil Barrel
Glassware: Wineglass
Flowers: Orchid in Vase
Italian Stills: Spaghetti Bolognese
Bath: Soap
Office: Note Pad and Pen
Flavouring: Black Olives, Oil, Capers, Coriander and Garlic
Seafood: Mussels
Vegetables: Chili Pepper Red and Green
Flowers: Sunflower
Potato: Fried Wedges
Clean: Vacuum Cleaner
Cocktails Isolated: Soda and Lime
Drinks: Red Soda
Hats: Crown
Pastry: Muffin
Fruit: Red Currant
Leisure: Red Poker Chip
Clean: Welcome Mat
Breakfast Stills: Cereals with Strawberries
Flavouring: Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil and Thyme
Breakfast Stills: Cereals with Strawberries and Blueberries
Breakfast Stills: French Toast with Berries
Beans, Lentils, Peas and Grains: Soy Bean
Wellness: Orange
Cosmetics: Nail Polish, Lipstick and Flower
Medical: Thermometer
Alphabet Blocks: ABC
Sport: Inner Tube
Spanish Stills: Tapas -
Wine: Red
Vegetables: Onions and Garlic
Pasta Stills: Spaghetti Bolognese
Ingredients: Strawberry Jam
*icecube isolated on white
Money: Several Euro Coins
Flavouring: Mortar and Pestle with Herbs
Meat: Bacon
Vegetables: Tomato
Sport: Ping Pong Bat
Seafood: Scallops
Breakfast Stills: Fried Egg , Beans, Bacon
Wine Stills: Red
Office: Fluorescent Markers
Italian Stills: Spaghetti Vegetarian
Work Tools: Adjustable Wrench
Potato: French Fries
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