Better than ever

The new iStock experience

We’re making iStock simpler and more affordable – here’s how:

  • All file sizes are the same price.
    • Size matters, but not when it comes to price. Now you can focus on one thing, finding the right image, giving you the power to meet the needs of a high-resolution world.

  • All images. Two collections. Simplified pricing.
    • The Essentials Collection gives you the everyday content you need, while the Signature Collection brings over 6 million of our very best stock and now includes all premium Vetta™ Collection files.

      Just remember: 1 credit for 1 Essentials image or vector and 3 credits for 1 Signature image or vector.

  • Credit packs made to fit.
    • We’ve upgraded our payment options with new iStock credit packs so you can get just the photos, videos and vectors you need, making purchasing easier, simpler, and more cost effective than ever. Our new credit packs can give you more bang for your buck and are easier to understand.

See how you can benefit from our updated pricing today.

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Common questions

  • Why are you making these changes?
    • We wanted to make it easier and more affordable for you to get beautiful stock imagery on a budget and made improvements to our credit system, pricing, experience and subscriptions to do exactly that.

  • What happened to my credits?
    • If you had a credit balance prior to September 13, 2014, you’ll see that we adjusted your balance using a 5:1 conversion rate to reflect our new pricing model. We rounded up in your favor if the conversion didn’t result in a whole number – for example, if you had 100 credits, now you’ll have 20. If you had 101, you’ll now have 21. View your updated credit balance.

  • How did you arrive at the 5:1 conversion rate?
    • We take our responsibility to be fair to our customers very seriously and considered a wide range of factors in our decision to use the 5:1 ratio, including your initial cost of credits in comparison to the cost of credits under the new pricing model. We arrived at the 5:1 ratio and our policy to round up in your favor because it fairly gave all customers the same or better underlying value for their existing credits.

  • How many images can I download with my credits now? How many video clips?
      • Essentials photo, vector or illustration – 1 credit
      • Signature photo, vector or illustration – 3 credits
      • Essentials video clip – 6 credits
      • Signature video clip – 18 credits

      Check out our credit pack pricing to see how much you’ll pay per image. View credit packs.

  • I have a corporate account and share credits with sub-accounts. How does will this affect my team?
    • Credits will be converted using the same 5:1 ratio, and will also be rounded up if it’s not a whole number. Sub-account limits will not be converted.

  • Can I re-download files I downloaded with credits at a higher file size now?
    • For files downloaded with credits prior to September 13, 2014, you can re-download any file size up to and including the size you initially downloaded.

      For files downloaded with credits after September 13, 2014, you can re-download any file size at any time.

  • What happened to cash pricing? Can I still buy single images?
    • With our simplified credit pricing, you can get single images with our 1 credit pack or 3 credit pack depending on the collection. We also have credit packs sized to get individual video clips from both collections.

  • Can I still get Extended Licenses?
    • Yup. You can add any extended license to your image for 18 credits or add one to your video clip for 21 credits.

  • What happened to the Vetta Collection?
    • Our premium Vetta Collection is now available at the lowest price ever as part of our Signature Collection. The improved Signature Subscription now includes Vetta photos, vectors and illustrations.

  • I’ve got an image subscription – how will these changes affect me?
    • If you’ve got a Signature Subscription, you’ll now have access to every photo, vector and illustration in the iStock collection, including premium Vetta images not previously available with your subscription. If you’ve got an Essentials Subscription you’ll still have access to every image in our Essentials Collection and can get any file not included in your subscription using our new credit pricing.

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