Butterfly Stock Video Footage

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Metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly
Butterfly flying out + alpha
Butterfly flies into shot and lands.
Butterfly flying + alpha
Butterflies, HD+Loop
Blue Butterfly flying + alpha
Butterfly Face paint
Butterfly bursting into smaller butterflies
Flowers 02 Background Orange
Monarch butterfly feeding on purple flower
Butterfly Closeup
Couple of butterflies
Magic Butterfly's
Fantasy background HD
Flowers 03 Background Blue
Butterfly on the grass
Yellow butterfly flying with alpha HD format
Monarch Butterfly, slow motion
glowing butterflies
Monarch Butterfly, slow motion
growing plant
Black butterfly perching on a flower
blue butterfly by the river
Monarch butterfly feeding on purple flower
Black butterfly.
Flowers 01 Background Green
Butterfly 36 - HD 1080/60i
Flowers (NTSC/PAL)
Monarch Butterfly Pollinates Flower Then Takes Flight, Close-up
Butterfly Moon
Butterfly flying animation many butterflies
Monarch Butterfly 2 NTSC
Delicate Butterfly
Butterfly on yellow flower
Butterfly with smoke outline
Butterflies flying over the water
butterfly flying animation Yellow  butterflies
Bright Idea Lamp made by Blue Butterflies - Alpha
Black butterfly.
Butterfies and heart(Valentine's Day)
Magic scenes. Fantasy series. Enchanted butterflies flying aroun
Black butterfly perching on a flower
Butterfly Colorful flying animation HD
Magic scenes. Fantasy series. Enchanted butterflies flying aroun
Magic scenes. Girl playing flute and glowing butterflies. Fantas
dancing butterflies
Magic Butterfly with Alpha Channel v2  HD 1080p
Butterflies - HD+Alpha, Loop
Seasonal Background 1 - HD, Loop
Butterflies - HD, Loop
Follow butterfly HD 720p
Magic Night with Butterfly 100% loop
Magic Butterfly with Alpha Channel  v1 HD 1080p
Butterflies - HD, Loop
Glowing butterflies
Butterfly on ornate background.Blue
Butterflies flying around lightbulb. Full HD
Butterfly on ornate background
Monarch Butterfly Emerging from Chrysalis Time Lapse
Butterflies background
Monarch Caterpillar emerging from cocoon
Animated Butterflies Fly Across - Orange Monarch (With Alpha Var
Blue butterflies flying (sky) - Loop
Butterfly spiral (blue, centered) - Loop
Butterfly flying around and landing.
Monarch Butterfly emerging from cocoon
Monarch Butterfly Group
Blue Butterfly
Light Blue Butterfly
Butterflies Dream
Butterfly Heart
Butterfly animation. Loop.
Animated Butterflies Fly In/Out - Mixed Species (With Alpha Vari
Fine butterfly flying around and landing.
Woman with butterfly in her hands.
Magic Butterflies (green) - Loop
Butterfly flying and landing.
butterfly, seamless loop, alpha matte
Wedding Vines & Butterflies, White on Blue
Flight of butterflys
Butterfly Rack Focus
Cocoon Time Lapse
Red Butterfly
Girl with butterfly
Animated Butterflies Fly Across - Blue (With Alpha Variations)
Butterflies flying (particle background, blue) - Loop
Magic Butterflies (purple) - Loop
Butterfly spiral (orange, golden ratio) - Loop
Eastern tiled blue butterfly, alpha matte
Monarch butterfly is landing and takeoff
Swirly Vines & Butterflies, Green & Maroon
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