Content API


Showcase our visuals and earn commissions with our integrated API

Our customizable API allows site owners to easily and dynamically showcase our authentic content to their users and earn commission when the user makes a purchase. With various integration options, everyone can utilize the API and earn commission with iStock. Discover more resources and the options below, or get in touch to see you can integrate our API today. If you need more technical details about our API or how to implement it, click here.


Example of our API


Affiliate JavaScript Widget

Designed for partners looking to get up and running as fast as possible, our affiliate widget lets you quickly integrate iStock photos, illustrations, and vectors to your site. Simply request an API key, place the JavaScript on your site, and add your Affiliate ID—affiliate tracking will be taken care of for you. The widget is a quicker integration versus the affiliate search endpoint, making for a simpler way to earn maximum commission. Below is a short video to showcase the integration.

Affiliate search endpoint

Display our content in a way that suits your aesthetics by using our affiliate search endpoint, which allows you to customize the layout of search results, images sizes, text used, and more. We provide separate endpoints for images and videos, and both are optimized for speed and ease of use. Unlike the widget, you’ll need to add your affiliate ID to the destination URL per the instructions from Impact Radius, our affiliate management partner.
Learn more with our resources below or contact us to see how to put our API to work for you.