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1. Join our affiliate platform, Impact.

Follow this link to sign up.

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Once you’ve joined, you can view this comprehensive guide on how to use the platform. It’ll show you how to find your unique ID, how to find the various tools you’ll need, how to track your payments, and more.

2. Integrate our API to maximize your revenue.

Our API allows you to showcase our imagery on your site with ease, leading to some of our most successful partnerships and highest commissions. Find more information on setting it up here.

3. Get ahead with our helpful guides.

Review our guides on how to get started, the various ways we partner with sites, and best practices in using our API.

4. Easily promote with our pre‑written content.

We’ve included multiple articles covering topics from how to use iStock templates to how to upgrade your marketing so that you can easily promote iStock, while offering valuable information to your users. Simply take the articles, add your tone of voice, and your tracking links, and you’re good to go—find our pre‑written content here.

5. Stay consistent with the iStock logo.

Download it here for use in iStock promotions.