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Tips to Help Businesses Engage Customers During Halloween and Beyond

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Our concept of celebration is nuanced and ever‑changing, with the pandemic further impacting the way people gather and spend time with family and friends. The fact is that customer preferences and feelings about celebrations and activities outside of our homes continue to evolve, which is why using visuals that depict our modern realities is crucial to connecting with customers on a deeper level.

According to Visual GPS, an iStock research initiative, 86% of people still look to celebrate the good things in life—and now, more than ever, people are feeling the strain of social distancing, wanting to feel a sense of connection and belonging with others after many months of isolation. The most common hopes people shared once transmission for the COVID‑19 virus is under control and as vaccination availability increases are travel (53%), dining out/going out for drinks (47%), reviving connections with friends and family (39%), return to live events (38%) and kids resuming normal activities (36%).

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help businesses of all sizes effectively, and authentically, visualize celebrations for Halloween and beyond in their marketing.

Showcase connection and community

The importance of relationships with family, friends, partners, coworkers, neighbors, and more has only increased in value and meaning since the pandemic. According to iStock research, 70% of people say that the pandemic made them appreciate their personal relationships more. Not to mention, almost three‑quarters of people (68%) say they appreciate small/local businesses more as a crucial part of their community and 66% want to continue prioritizing supporting small businesses during this time. By focusing on the significance of community and the positive outcomes of the pandemic, businesses can foster a sense of belonging among their customers and find ways to unite us all through the visual content—imagery, videos, and illustrations—they use in their holiday campaigns year‑round.

Be relevant

With the COVID‑19 virus still a risk, businesses should consider a multi‑layered approach to appeal to a broad audience. iStock research shows that 31% of people still want to see people wearing masks and 36% want to see people practice social distancing in visual communications. To alleviate differing thoughts on COVID safety measures, focus on showing visuals that depict social distancing and tell stories of security, but also, think about the future and use visuals and messaging which look beyond the pandemic.

Reflect the diversity of your audience

Use visuals that portray real people and real situations. iStock research shows that 72% of people expect businesses to celebrate diversity of all kinds—so ensure you are choosing visuals that reflect the broad diversity of people across all ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, abilities and body types.

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