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How to Use Vectors in Your Next Marketing Project

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When creating marketing materials on a budget, graphic design tasks or incorporating illustrations into your content can seem like a challenge. With the right resources, however, and easy‑to‑use file formats like vectors, an attractive brand aesthetic is much more within reach. Read on to discover iStock’s vector images and how you can use them in your marketing efforts.

Standout illustrations

A carefully curated selection of vector imagery can be a fantastic addition to any visual content strategy that’s looking to include illustrations. As a header blog image or social media post, vector graphics make a statement that catches the eye and your viewer’s attention instantly. They also offer a great way to express abstract ideas that might escape traditional photography, so there’s plenty of opportunities to incorporate these visuals throughout your content efforts.

Vectors are also great because they can be transformed to any size without losing image quality. This is especially useful when working with marketing materials, as they may touch everything from favicons and thumbnails to billboards and other outdoor advertising. What’s more, with iStock’s royalty‑free collections, the size, colors, and elements of vector images are yours to adapt as needed.

iStock Tip:  Add some personality to your marketing materials by introducing illustrations, whether you’re working on your website, print collateral, or beyond. Browse through our selection of vectors, or key in “illustration” with specifics like certain colors and concepts that match your brand and subject matter, from “vibrant” or “pastel” to “mental health,” “technology,” “lifestyle,” or any other topic.

Branded accents

Branded accents are another way to stand out with vector graphics. Icons, frames, backdrops, and other graphic elements can be used across social, email, written content, web pages, and more to infuse your unique visual language into everything your brand touches.

Iconography is especially powerful in its ability to immediately communicate certain concepts and clarify ideas with a brand‑specific visual. Try employing a set of these small but mighty visuals to offer an attractive accent while signaling important information to your reader. Reusing basic images can build brand consistency and help viewers more easily navigate through particular themes, sections, or other specifics that you choose to share and publish.

iStock Tip: Whether your brand is bold and bright, minimal and elegant, reliable and trustworthy, or anything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect look within iStock’s wide array of iconography. And for textures and patterns, or other images to use for framing, backgrounds, or however you like, search our royalty‑free stock vector images with any specifics relevant to your brand aesthetic and offering.

Shareable infographics

Vector illustrations and icons can also be used to create infographics, data, and reports that have the potential to go viral. A must in a modern company’s content mix, this visual medium is immediately engaging, informative, and highly shareable. From formats like statistics and comparison infographics to topic‑specific templates like marketing, technology, finance, healthcare, food, and beyond, iStock has what you need to make your very own customized brand infographic.

iStock Tip: Our incredible selection of infographic imagery means you don’t have to start from scratch. If you’re just starting to think about integrating infographics into your content mix, have a look around to get inspired. And if you have a plan in mind, you can instantly find the resources you need to realize it with a simple iStock search.

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