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Best Practices

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Youtuber editing video on laptop for up to worldwide through Copyright & Licensing Public Domain Videos: What are they and how are they used? Learn about public domain videos and how to use them in your next creative project. Furthermore, understand the benefits of using paid stock footage over public domain videos.
Grandfather teaching his granddaughter to cook Marketing How to Choose More Authentic, More Engaging Stock Imagery Unnatural stock imagery can distract from your overall project. Use these tips to find stock imagery that feels real and helps connect with your audience.

iStock Solutions

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Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens From Our Experts Learn with iStock: All you need to know about stock footage, image licensing, and file formats What is a royalty-free image? How do you open an EPS file? How can I use stock footage? Let iStock guide you through these questions & more with our comprehensive guide.
We're answering to natures call today Tools & Workflows 3 Simple Steps to Using iStock Assets Learn about iStock credit packs, then stock up and use them whenever you need high quality images, illustrations, or videos for your next project!
Young woman sitting on chair with hands behind head and taking break during work from home From Our Experts Three Tips to Help SMBs Visualize Workplace Mental Health Year-Round Breaking through to your customers with the right visuals matters. Here, iStock shares three key strategies to help businesses better visualize workplace mental health year-round.

Industry Trends

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Asian Woman With Her Daughter Shopping In Supermarket With Face Protective Mask. Creative Trends Five Tips for Retail Marketing in 2023 Follow these 5 tips for retail marketers and connect with your target audience.
Homecare Visit with a Senior Gentleman Creative Trends Creative Trends Five Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2023 Follow these 5 tips for healthcare marketers to connect with your target audience.
Educational Communication Concept Creative Trends Creative Trends Current and Emerging Vector Trends for 2023 Vectors are an important part of your visual toolkit. Take a look at the latest trends to keep your vectors and your brand looking fresh.