A series of flat style UI/UX design menus is displayed on a white background in a variety of shades of blue, black, gray and white.  There are individual menus denoting user information, login, profiles, info graphics and a wide variety of other user interface information.  A pie graph, a line graph and a bar graph all sit near the bottom right, displaying monthly information related to the text.  A banner on the top row of the image says "flat style ui/ux design" and a series of slider bars in the bottom center show different percentages.

gráficos e ilustração de acervo de elementos de interface

Desenhar um interface é estressante. Evite ficar de cabelo branco usando a biblioteca de elementos de interface da iStock. Temos uma variedade de modelos e kits para wireframes, smartphones, tablets, celulares a aplicativos. Comece a explorar hoje mesmo.