So long Lightboxes. Hello Boards!

We’re excited to introduce you to Boards - a simpler way to curate, collaborate and manage your iStock images and videos.

Common questions

What are boards?

Think of Boards as re-imagined Lightboxes, designed to let you easily gather the images and videos that you need for your projects or collections. They're great for sharing files allowing whoever you invite to contribute by adding or removing images or videos. You and your collaborators can also make notes on individual files or the overall Board itself.

Why are you switching over to Boards?

We are switching because Boards improve on Lightboxes by adding in the ability to collaborate, comment and easily manage the files you've shortlisted.

What happened to my Lightboxes?

We've converted all of your Lightboxes over to Boards, so don't worry, all of the images and videos you've added will still be there.

Will I still be able to use Lightboxes?

Unfortunately you won't be able to use Lightboxes anymore. After the migration, all Lightboxes have been removed from iStock.

What are the differences between Boards and Lightboxes?

Feature    Lightbox    Board
Create without registering or signing in  
Rename with click and type ease  
Rearrange assets with drag and drop ease  
Larger images  
Multiple grid views
Collaborate with others - those invited need no account to join in  
Move or copy assets  
Search while inside a project
Comment on a specific project  

Do I have to be signed in to access Boards?

Everyone will have access to Boards, even if they're not signed in. Simply create a Board, then start adding files to it. When you sign in from that same browser, as long as you don't delete the browser's cookies, the files you saved while signed out will be synchronized over to your Boards.

How does collaboration work?

It's possible to invite collaborators to access your Board simply by giving them a private collaborator link. Anyone that has a copy of this link will be able to do everything you can do to a Board, except for deleting it. You can also give someone read-only access by giving them a private read-only access link. When we are collaborating, it is important to share our ideas as well as voice our opinions. With Boards, it is possible to leave comments to individual files and the overall Board itself.

How does the Board management work?

There are a number of things you can do to manage your Board properly. Most of these are fairly intuitive, which includes switching layouts, selecting, copying, moving and removing files to and from any Board. If you're in a regular grid layout, you can reorder the images by dragging and dropping them in place.

What about bulk downloads?

Currently, there isn't a way to download files in a Board. In order to download, go to each file's detail page and download it from there. We’re actively working to make this happen, please stay tuned!

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