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Tell stories your audience won’t soon forget with royalty-free video clips in 4K and HD.

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Frequently asked questions

The word "free" in royalty-free doesn't mean that images and videos are free to use, but rather that after you pay for a license once, you can use the content as often as you want, without paying the copyright holder a royalty each time you use it.

You get the right to use the file—with a legal guarantee that protects you for up to $10,000—and our contributors get paid for the great work they do. It's a win-win, and it's why everything on iStock is only available royalty-free.

Every file on iStock falls into one of two collections. Essentials (everyday favorites) or Signature (premium content, exclusive to iStock). If you purchase with à la carte credits, the cost to download your video will depend on the collection it belongs to:

• Essentials video clip - 6 credits (view sample clips)

• Signature video clip - 18 credits (view sample clips)

With a Premium + Video subscription, every asset—whether it's a video, image, or music track—will use a single subscription download.

Yes. When you download a file on iStock, you're buying a standard license that lets you use the file for any personal, business, or commercial purposes that aren't otherwise restricted by the license agreement.

That means you can use our content in advertising, marketing, apps, websites, social media, presentations, TV, and film, among hundreds of other uses. Adding an extended license lets you use our content in even more ways.

There is no expiration date on your rights to use files downloaded during your subscription period. Files licensed with credits can also be used in as many projects you like for as long as you want. Credits never expire as long as you sign into your account at least once a year.

Yes. Feel free to trim the length, add text, music, your own logo, or apply any other creative effects you can think up!

When you license a video from iStock, you'll notice you can choose between different formats. Use the following guidelines to determine which is best for your project.

• 4K | Good for maintaining high-quality output for TV, film, advertising, or large-scale displays.

• HD | Most commonly used format. Gives a quality image relative to its file size. Good for TV, advertising, small digital projects, and social uses.
Note: At times, you may see two HD options with different video codecs. Learn more about codecs

• HD Web | Ideal for full screen web projects, online ads, and social projects. Good for streaming.

Keep in mind that you can always re-download your video in any size—at no extra cost.

ProRes, Photo-JPEG, H.264 (or H.265) are video codecs available at iStock. Short for compression/decompression, codecs are programs designed to address large video file sizes, making them easier to store and share.

ProRes and Photo-JPEG

Ideal for projects involving post-production effects, such as TV commercials. These codecs offer the best video quality, but as a tradeoff, file sizes are generally larger.

H.264 (Advanced Video Coding) and H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding)

These codecs offer high-definition and allow for easier sharing between users. H.264 is the most common codec for web, social, and digital uses.

The easiest way to search for video clips on iStock is by typing keywords into the search bar at the top of the site and selecting "Video" as your file type.

After you've entered a keyword, you can use our video filters to further refine your search.Once you've begun your search, hover over the thumbnail on the search results page or click through to the file's detailed information page to preview the file.

Tip: You can also upload any video you like to find visually similar files. Just click or tap the 'Search by image or video' icon in the search bar, then drag and drop the video into the designated space!

Find more search tips

Type a keyword in the search bar and select "Video" as your file type. Once your search results display, open the Refine panel on the left and adjust the duration slider to narrow your search to clips of a specific time range.

Yes! If you're looking for videos in vertical format, try adding the keyword 'vertical' to your search query.

If you want to see what a specific video will look like in your project, you can always download a free watermarked comp. Click on a video asset, then select the Preview button to download a video comp.

Just remember that you'll need to swap the comp for a paid-for licensed file before you can use it, since you can't use a comp file in any final materials—whether distributed or not.

Yes. You can use Boards to organize, save, and share your favorite content. Simply select the + symbol that appears either on top of a video, or when you hover over a clip. If you don't have a Board already, you'll be prompted to create one. You can create as many boards as you want and organize your favorites by project, brand, or interest.

You can view the contents of your Boards at any time by selecting Boards from the site navigation menu.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs

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