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Vintage illustration features the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. The battles were fought on April 19, 1775 within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge. They marked the outbreak of armed conflict between Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in America.

Vintage illustration features the Battle of Bunker Hill fought on June 17, 1775, during the Siege of Boston in the early stages of the American Revolutionary War. Shown here is the death of American General Joseph Warren.

Vintage illustration depicts General George Washington leaving Whitehall Ferry on December 4, 1783, to the cheers and waves of his officers. Earlier that day, Washington left his fellow generals, Knox, Steuben, Greene, and then-Colonel Hamilton, at New York's famed Francis Tavern where he informed them that he will be resigning his commission and returning to civilian life. However, in 1789, Washington was coaxed out of retirement and elected as the first president of the United States, a position he held until 1797.

Vintage illustration features the Boston Tea Party, a political protest that occurred on December 16, 1773, at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dumped 342 chests of British tea into the harbor. The event was the first major act of defiance to British rule over the colonists and a significant event that led to the American Revolution.

Vintage illustration features Patrick Henry delivering his speech on the rights of the colonies, before the Virginia Assembly, convened at Richmond, March 23rd 1775, concluding with "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" which became the war cry of the American Revolution.

Stylized powerful patriot head illustration. All colors are separated in layers. Easy to edit. Black and white version (EPS10,JPEG) included.

"Vintage engraving showing Major John Pitcairn entering Lexington, during the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in the mainland of British North America."

Vintage illustration features Nancy Morgan Hart (1735–1830), a rebel heroine of the American Revolutionary War noted for her exploits against Loyalists in the northeast Georgia backcountry. In this scene, she captured six British Loyalists (Tories) and killed one, and later oversaw the hanging of five others.

Map of battle sites during the American Revolution. Plus, insert maps of Boston and Arnold's Expedition against Quebec, Canada. Illustration published in The New Eclectic History of the United States by M. E. Thalheimer (American Book Company; New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago) in 1881 and 1890. Copyright expired; artwork is in Public Domain.

Steel engraving Moll Pitcher in the Battle of Monmouth was fought near Monmouth Court House ( modern-day Freehold Borough, New Jersey ) on June 28, 1778, during the American Revolutionary War. It pitted the Continental Army, commanded by General George Washington, against the British Army in North America, commanded by General Sir Henry Clinton. Graveur : W.H. Bartlett - W. Radclyffe William Henry Bartlett ( 1809-1854 ) was a British landscape artist Original edition from my own archives Source : "Historia Estados Unidos" 1870

"George Washington and His Staff at Valley Forge," depicts General George Washington and six officers in a snowy landscape. Valley Forge, where the Continental Army was headquartered during the Revolutionary War, is known for the harsh winter conditions that resulted in the death of 2,500 soldiers. The scene emphasizes the heroic officers on horseback, including Marquis de Lafayette, Nathaniel Greene, Anthony Wayne, and Henry Knox. The image conveys patriotism through its portrayal of the esteemed officers during the Revolutionary War.

Vintage illustration features the Great Fire of New York in 1776. Less than a week before the fire, the British army marched into New York unopposed. Several buildings were engulfed in flames, citizens were beaten by Redcoats, and African slaves started looting. Historians have never been able to determine who started the Great Fire but one theory states that the rebel American patriots started the fire in order to counter the British occupation and prevent them from using New York as a base of operations.

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