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A set of medical doctors icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include medical doctors working in different medical capacities. They include a doctor reading a patient chart, OBGYN at the bedside of a pregnant patient, medical doctor listening to the heartbeat of a patient using a stethoscope, doctor meeting with patient, physician checking the heartbeat of unborn baby, home health doctor with newborn baby, doctor checking the blood pressure of patient, doctor doing check-up of patient, team of physicians, doctor in labor and delivery, doctor checking the ear of a patient using and otoscope, doctor in residency, doctor on tablet PC to represent telemedicine, doctor doing a physical exam of patient and a doctor reviewing an x-ray to name a few.

A set of pregnancy and childbirth icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a doctor using a stethoscope on a woman's pregnant stomach to check on a babies heart beat, midwife at the beside of a pregnant woman, a doctor holding a newborn baby at home, an obstetrician holding a patient chart, a nurse handing a newborn baby to the baby's mother, a couple holding newborn baby, a doctor and nurse, a gynecologist giving an exam, a midwife in front of a patients home, a pregnant woman holding a heart, a doctor stating next to a pregnant patient, doctor selection, a pregnant woman holding her pregnant belly, a midwife handing a newborn to the baby's mother, a nurse holding a newborn baby, a woman getting an ultrasound, a pregnant woman giving birth in water, a woman giving birth, a woman who just did a water birth holding her newborn baby and other related icons.

A set of illnesses icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a sick person sneezing into a tissue, sick person getting temperature checked using an infrared thermometer, checklist, cancer patient with bandana on head, person getting their heart checked by a doctor using a stethoscope, person with a fever, person with a stomach ache, little girl with chickenpox, person with nausea covering mouth, overweight person, doctor holding patient chart, person getting vaccine, depressed mother holding newborn, little girl with a fever, cancer patient getting radiation treatments, doctor with arm around an obese person, hand with an IV, person with heart rate monitor nodes, patient getting blood pressure checked by physician, doctor doing a checkup, depressed person with mental illness, person with skin cancer, patient in sick bed and a woman experiencing pregnancy sickness covering mouth.

Man Talking with Woman Doctor in Office. Patient having Consultation about Disease Symptoms with Doctor Therapist in Hospital. Medical People Characters. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

Medical staff and patients. Female doctor check patients x-ray in clinic. Male doctor therapist consulting woman. Healthcare team in hospital. Medical People characters set. Flat vector illustration.

A set of IoT, or Internet of Things in Healthcare icons. The icons have editable strokes or outlines when using the vector file format. The icons include smart devices, smartwatch, fitness tracker, hospital with IoT controlled devices, doctor at laptop computer, smartphone displaying medical data on screen, smart devices used in healthcare, medical information being relayed from a device to a doctor, blood pressure check, a patient being monitored remotely by his physician, a network of IoT devices, person getting heart check with stethoscope, patient in be being monitored, mother with newborn in hospital, person with heart-rate monitor relaying information through the internet, connected devices, a MRI machine using IoT at the hospital and other related icons.

A set of health insurance icons. The icons include insurance, insurance card, family, insurance agent, receptionist, doctor, prescription, check-up, newborn, agreement, hospital, medication, prescription card, healthcare professional, ambulance, broken arm, cost, debt, doctor search, injury and hospital bed to name a few.

A set health care and medical icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include both a male and female doctor, nurse, medical professionals, medication, x-ray, injury, medical check-up, ambulance, hospital, medical exam, physical therapy and hospital sick bed to name just a few.

Doctors and Patients Characters set. Man donating Blood, Nurse caring for Elderly Person, Doctor Consulting Woman and other Scenes in Hospital. Health Care Concepts. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

An icon set representing the hospice and palliative care healthcare industry. The icons include elderly people receiving care, a cancer patient, patients in wheelchairs, symbols of hope, family grieving, family support, patients in bed, patients suffering from life threatening illnesses, healthcare professionals, nurses, social workers, medical exams, home care, medication, religious leader and death to name just a few.

A set of respiratory therapy icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include respiratory therapists, stethoscope, human lungs, doctor using stethoscope to check breathing of patient, medical checkup, male doctor, female doctor, medication, inhaler, x-ray of lungs, patient sick in bed, nurse, person breathing, oxygen tank, doctor reviewing x-ray of lungs, hospital, team of doctors, oxygen mask and a checklist to name a few.

People Characters in Hospital Reception. Medical Staff Working. Doctor Talking with Patient at the Hospital Room. Patients Waiting for Doctor. Medical Clinic Concept. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

A set of telemedicine icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include several different telemedicine interactions between patients and doctors. They include a smartphone being held by a patient while talking face to face with his physician, a patient using a tablet PC to talk with his doctor, doctor, physician, patient, doctor on computer screen with patient on the other side of the screen, female doctor on laptop screen, medical monitoring using a smartphone, patient sick in bed while receiving medical care from virtual physician on screen, patient with cold or flu sneezing into tissue while using telemedicine on laptop, patient with hurt knee, doctor using internet chat to communicate with patient, patient with hurt arm using smartphone to send picture to physician, security, doctor using tablet pc to communicate with patient, person hurting back while lifting box, patient coughing while talking to doctor via smartphone, family of four, patient using Telehealth from chair at home and other related icons.

Hospitalized Patient Lying in Hospital Bed. Medical Staff Visiting him. Nurse Setting Up Dropper. Doctor Checking Medical Chart. Hospital Room with Modern Equipment. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

A set of geriatrics icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include geriatricians, geriatric physician, elderly people, elderly person in wheel chair, person falling, doctor checking heart of patient using a stethoscope, patient going through rehabilitation by lifting weights, sad elderly person, family member with arm around old persons shoulder, medication, old person with cane, family supporting elderly parent, medical supplies, shuttle bus, glucose test strip with blood, home health care professional, depressed older person, insulin and syringe, memory loss, medical check-up, person pushing elderly person in wheel chair, old person in wheel chair eating meal with friend or family member and an elderly person getting blood pressure checked by doctor to name a few.

Woman talking with man doctor in his office. Patient having consultation with doctor therapist in hospital. Male and female medical people characters. Flat cartoon vector illustration.

A set of medical icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a team of doctors, a family of four, person with a broken arm, doctor checking blood pressure of patient, nurse, broken spine, telemedicine on a smartphone, doctor at bedside of patient, doctor holding x-ray, hospital, bandage with heart, family with new born, pill bottle with pill, doctor giving check-up, checkmark, doctor checking patients heart with stethoscope, hurt knee, doctor checking patients chart, broken hip, ambulance, physical therapy, person with hurt back and others.

A set of geriatrics icons. The icons include elderly people, elderly patients, physicians, doctors, medication, elderly person with cane, person falling, rehabilitation services, home health services, person in a wheelchair, elderly patient in a hospital bed, diabetes, elderly fitness, depression, mental illness, dementia, blood pressure check, medical check-up, love, care and other related concepts.

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