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A set of mental illness icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a depressed person unable to concentrate while on a computer at work, depressed person hunched on ground with dark cloud above, human brain being pained, person experiencing a racing heart due to anxiety, an isolated depressed person, person with head down at a crossroads, mentally ill person holding a repeating mental illness sign, person being crushed by pressure and stress, person with anxiety experiencing an upset stomach, mentally ill person abusing drugs and alcohol, cut wrist showing self harm from a person with a mental illness, depressed person with dark cloud overhead, anti-depressant medication, mentally ill person in bed, a person with a mental illness exhibiting anger by raising fist to hit another person, a depressed person holding a help sign, a hand holding anti-depressants, a mentally sick person hunched on the ground, a person with a mental illness reaching out, a person with body pain from depression, a mentally ill person receiving counseling from a councilor, a hand reaching out to another hand to rescue, a mentally ill person overdosed on pills and a depressed person looking at herself in a mirror.

Woman alone in blue space, surreal painting, lonely people, loneliness artwork, hope and dream concept illustration, modern background

A set of emotional depression icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a depressed person, a sad person reaching for help, a person holding an umbrella over a sad person, a person consoling a depressed person, an arm around the shoulder of an emotionally depressed person, an awareness ribbon, a heart to represent love, a hug, postpartum depression, a caring person, depression cycle, a person reaching to heaven, hope from depression and other related icons.

An icon set symbolizing mental illness issues. The icons include themes of sadness, depression, awareness, hope, support, mental health and others.

Imagination of sad women in water, sadness, loneliness, hopeless, problem concept illustration, fantasy surreal painting art, emotional ,beauty

A set of mental illness icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a person consoling sad person with depression, awareness ribbon, person with arm around the shoulder of a troubled person, a person feeling trapped, a psychiatrist doing an evaluation, person with a sun to represent hope, depressed person with head down and a cloud over head, woman with head down holding baby to represent postpartum depression, depression cycle, sad person sitting in chair, affected bran, person showing compassion to another person, depressed person on his knees, eye with ear, troubled teen, life preserver, depressed person in bed, medication, clasped hands, depressed person reaching for heaven and a depressed person with head in hands to name a few.

Elderly woman walking with wheelie bag in continuous line art drawing style. Minimalist black linear sketch isolated on white background. Vector illustration

A set of unhappy relationships icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include couples fighting, a man telling his wife to leave, a couple angry at one another with arms folded, companion verbally abusing partner, spouse hitting spouse, domestic violence, spousal abuse, partners unhappy and sad after argument, broken relationship, person with arm around sad partner, couple sitting with head in hands and backs towards each other, spouse with arm on shoulder of partner, couple running away from one another, couple sinking, married couple arguing with one another, sad couple, couple sitting at opposite ends of the bed upset at one another, spouses verbally abusing one another and other related icons.

Sad young woman surrounded by people silhouettes feel lonely in society suffer from lack of communication. Upset girl struggle with loneliness and solitude in crowd. Outcast. Vector illustration.

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