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Women's health illustration set. Woman meeting with doctor gynecologist, endocrinologist and physician, having consultation and receiving pills prescription. Healthcare concept. Vector illustration.

A set of laboratory icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a scientists, laboratory workers, test tube, laboratory scientist using a magnifying glass, petri dish, scientific education, microscope, hourglass, lab worker holding up a beaker, laboratory gown, scientist using a microscope, light bulb, clipboard with checklist, beaker with liquid, laboratory goggles, DNA strand, team of scientists, scientist holding a stack of books, virus, bacteria, laboratory worker holding up a test tube, hand holding a petri dish, DNA strand, vial, beaker, laboratory equipment, laboratory gown and other related icons.

30 thin line icons associated with lab and science with symbols such as laboratory equipment, research and experiments are included in this set. 48x48 pixel perfect vector icon with editable stroke.

A set of laboratory icons. The icons include scientists, chemists, laboratory, experiments, testing, beakers, test tubes, petri dishes, microscopes, data, checklist, lab goggles, lab samples, eye dropper, genes, chromosomes, technicians, pathologist, cytotechnologist, medical technologists, histotechnologist, and other professionals.

A set of icons representing biomedicine or biomedical sciences. The icons include laboratory equipment like beakers, test tubes, microscope, safety goggles, laboratory burner, and other testing items among others. They also include scientists, medicine, pharmaceuticals, pills, tests, experiments, books, education, DNA, molecules, lab rat and brain.

A set of oncology icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include an oncologist reviewing patient records, oncologist meeting with patient, stop hand gesture with cancer cell indicating efforts to stop cancer, oncologist assisting cancer patient in bed, cancer patient receiving chemotherapy, oncologist with arm on shoulder of cancer patient, medical personnel looking at skin cancer on patient, team of oncologists, scientist using microscope to do cancer research, arm with IV to receive chemotherapy, cancer medications, cancer patient with bandana on bald head wearing face mask, woman with bandana on head with breast cancer, cancer patient receiving radiation, oncologist meeting with patient to discuss diagnosis, hand with scalpel representing surgery, cancer cell metastasizing, scientist using a test tube for cancer research, cancer research, person holding hand of person with cancer diagnosis, and a doctor reviewing a scan of the brain looking for cancer among others.

Simple Set of Science Related Vector Line Icons. Contains such Icons as Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Science Test, Lab and more. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.

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