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Gulf Coast river delta at twilight. Gradient used for sky, water, and ripple. AI vs 10, EPS vs 8 and 300 dpi jpg included.

Old grunge effect paper or wall textured faded look pastel green coloured backgrounds stock photo - suitable to use as background, vintage post cards, letters, manuscripts etc. The illustration is in light green color with grunge effect having aberrations all over. No people. No text. Scratched effect wallpaper that has textured finish. Looks like moss has gathered a wall. The corners have slightly more color. Copy space, copyspace for text.

Engraved illustrations of Representatives of the Algae, Fungi, Bryophyta, Polypodiophyta and other Non-Flowering Plants from Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature and Art, Published in 1851. Copyright has expired on this artwork. Digitally restored.

seamless brick background. Image tiles horizontally and vertically. No clipping path, just ready to use. Hi-res JPG included. CMYK EPS8 file. Grouped elements for easy editing.

Plants of the rainforest: 1) Ficus grandaeva (or Ficus macrophylla); 2) Monstera deliciosa; 3) Passiflora racemosa; 4) Chamaedorea oblongata; 5) Phytelephas macrocarpa; 6) Epidendrum vitellinum; 7) Phalaenopsis aphrodite (or Phalaenopsis amabilis); 8) Oncidium ampliatum (or Oncidium sphacelatum); 9) Begonia rex; 10) Philodendron Wendlandii; 11-12) Alsophila dealbata; 13) Cecropia peltata; 14) Mauritia flexuosa; 15) Euterpe oleracea (or Açaí palm); 16) Bauhinia (Caesalpinioideae); 17) Carica papaya (Passifloraceae); 18) Ficus tree; 19) Oncidium Harrisonianum; 20) Anthurium reflexum, 21) Xanthosoma violaceum (or Xanthosoma sagittifolium); 22 + 27) Cordyline; 23) Anthurium scherzerianum; 24) Nephrodium (or Nephrolepis cordifolia); 25) Cattleya mendelii; 26) Dendrobium densiflorum; 28) Tillandsia usneoides. Chromolithograph, published in 1898.

Mosses: 1) Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha); 2) Blasia pusilla and capsule (a); 3) Phaeoceros laevis (or Anthoceros leavis) and capsule (a); 4) Andreaea rupestris, single plant enlarged (a); 5) Baby Tooth Moss (Plagiomnium cuspidatum, or Mnium cuspidatum) and capsule (a); 6) Goblin gold (Schistostega pennata, or Schistostega osmundaceae), single plant enlarged (a), capsule with lid open; 7) Prairie sphagnum (Sphagnum palustre, or Sphagnum cymbifolium), capsule with the scabbard at the base; 8) Splachnum luteum, capsule with apophysis (a); 9) Neckera complanata, capsule with hood (a); 10) Bug moss (Buxbaumia aphylla) with capsule (a); 11) Tree climacium moss (Climacium dendroides) with capsule (a); 12) Serrated earth-moss (Ephemerum serratum) with single plant (a); 13) Bladder-moss (Physcomitrium pyriforme), capsule with hood (a); 14) Pellucid four-tooth moss (Tetraphis pellucida) with capsule open (a) and peristome teeth. Lithograph, published in 1897.

Hand drawn ink botanical illustration. Forest plants background with pine branch, cone, oak leaf, acorn, mushrooms, lichen, tree branches, maple leaf, birch leaf, chestnut. Elements for ecological design.

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