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Modern city center with train, buildings and private houses. Subway train rides at railway station. Urban minimal geometric landscape. Cityscape scene. Flat cartoon vector illustration.

Icons showing different methods of transportation. The icons include a car, airplane, helicopter, ATV, light rail, bus, train, taxi, cruise ship, motorcycle, motorhome, boat, school bus, hot air balloon, sail boat, gondola, subway, scooter and bicycle.

A set of different modes of transportation. The modes of transportation include a bicycle, car, light rail, subway, train, bus, airplane, motorhome, yacht, boat, motorcycle, school-bus, hot air balloon, scooter, motor scooter, gondola, taxi, motorized scooter, sailboat, semi truck, cruise ship, four wheeler, helicopter and horse.

A highly detailed illustration of a generic modern city bus, perfect for applying advertising to. Includes an eps, a high-res jpg, a pdf and an Illustrator file with transparencies.

Modes of urban transportation are shown in this cutaway illustration, revealing drivers and passengers of a subway, metro bus, shuttle van, motorbike, bicycle, and a private sport utility vehicle. Pedestrians, sidewalks, a bus lane, a bike lane, and a parking lane are seen along the street, and stairs reveal the pathway down to the subway station. Vehicles are generic; no specific manufacturers are represented.

Isometric city vector illustration shows detailed suburbs, downtown, industrial area, and residential neighborhoods. Hundreds of buildings are illustrated in different styles, serving cultural, government, commercial, industrial, and residential needs. A railroad terminal leads into the city center, and a sports stadium has been built nearby. Trees, parks, cars and trucks complete this detailed cityscape, shown in aerial view.

Cropped view of a map of the underground railway lines - ALL design on this image is created from scratch by Yuri Arcurs' team of professionals for this particular photo shoothttp://

A set of public infrastructure icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include cyclist in cycling lane, power transformer, high-rise buildings, damaged bridge, light rail public transportation, earth with global warming, landfill with garbage, garbage floating in water, sewer drain, wind turbines producing alternative energy, solar farm, airport, green public bus, smoke stack polluting with smoke, freeway, roads, school building, subway, damaged road, dam, nuclear power plant, shipping barge, cracked water pipe, electric car and a faucet dripping water.

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