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A set of education icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a student with arm raised, student with backpack, college professor teaching students in computer lab, student reading a textbook, students studying at table in library, teacher teaching students from chalkboard, student on laptop, student doing coursework from laptop computer, student taking a test, school textbooks, student holding stack of textbooks, graduate with graduation cap, backpack with laptop, student with lightbulb, two students taking a selfie, professor teaching students from podium, teacher and student, group of students looking at camera, group of students walking to class with backpacks on and other related icons.

A set of higher education icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include college textbooks, college students, student with cap and gown, student graduating, college diploma, concepts of knowledge and learning, graduation cap, student studying, online education, human brain, graduation speech, professor, teacher, student on laptop, school back-pack, college class and other related icons.

Students group holding books and gadgets. Diverse people study together. Education and knowledge concept with Characters. Flat cartoon vector illustration isolated.

Young People Sitting at Table, Reading Books and Studying. Student Boys and Girls Using Gadgets and Chatting on Smartphone. Female and Male Characters collection. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

A set of teachers and professors icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include teachers, professors and instructors in different teaching situations and include a professor speaking to a group of students, teacher at blackboard writing, educator holding a stack of textbooks, professor pointing to a world map while teaching, teacher reading from a book, instructor giving a seminar, teacher at blackboard with students seated with arms raised, team of professors, teacher holding an apple, instructor teaching a group of people while holding a microphone, teacher watching student take an exam, professor giving presentation in lecture hall, teacher giving student a high-five, teacher holding a lit lightbulb, teacher teaching students in computer lab and other related icons.

A set of professional development icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons includes professional training for a group of employees by an instructor at a chalk board, hand holding a diploma or certificate, an employee with a skills meter, business person holding a target with an arrow in the bulls-eye, businessman in the form of a jigsaw puzzle being put together, graduation cap, worker with stack of books for ongoing education, group of co-workers in a boardroom attending a video conference training, seminar with attendees and instructor, human brain with wisdom, business person with arms raised holding a briefcase, graduate with graduation cap, person training students as they sit at computers, businessman holding an upwards arrow, business conference with trainer and audience, business person holding up a lightbulb, two lightbulbs overlapped, class of students with instructor teaching, person taking a continued education exam, business person standing in bulls-eye of target, knowledge being put into the head of a person, businessman climbing mountain, goal meter and other related icons.

Students Group Holding Books and Gadgets. Diverse People Study Together. Girls and Boys in Modern Clothes. Education and Knowledge Concept with Characters. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration isolated.

Freshman black glyph icon. Ninth grade student. High school pupil with rucksack. University undergraduates. International student. Silhouette symbol on white space. Vector isolated illustration

Teaching children concept. Teacher reads an educational book to young children. Preschool education. Classes in kindergarten. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration isolated on a white background

An set of education icons. The icons represent higher learning, college, university or advanced learning. They include students, teachers, professors, graduates, graduation, lecturing and learning among others.

A set of higher education icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a student holding a stack of text books, illustrated brain in thought, two students studying together, student holding up lightbulb, hand holding a diploma, student on laptop computer with textbooks at side, graduate giving commencement speech at a graduation, student taking online courses on computer, professor giving a lecture to students in class, student participating in e-learning from home, college university building, student with arm raised, backpack, student juggling demands of school responsibilities, professor giving lecture in lecture hall, graduate receiving diploma from school faculty, student with backpack on, student studying from textbook, student asleep on textbook, college student taking exam, graduate holding graduation certificate, students in computer class and a graduate at a fork in the road.

Flat style easily editable and nicely layered vector illustration with hand drawn textured elements. Showing teacher and students discussing, talking, communicating, sharing opinions, looking for solutions etc.

An icon set of students studying and learning. The icons also show students being taught by teachers. The icons show students in several different learning situations including the reading of books, study on computers, lectures and the classroom and test taking.

A set of elementary education icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include an elementary student writing letters, human brain, elementary school building, letter on a chalkboard, elementary aged student riding bicycle, pencil, parent walking student to school, elementary student with hand raised, sandwich, apple, elementary child boarding school bus, student reading a book, children playing with ball at recess, students waving to one another, student on swing, student with backpack, two elementary aged students waving, elementary student taking school exam, elementary student graduate, notebook, female elementary teacher and an elementary teacher at chalkboard teaching class of students.

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