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A set of mentoring icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a mentor with umbrella over mentee, high five, mentor and mentee lifting a rock together, a mentor with arm around shoulder of the person he is mentoring, mentor with arm around shoulder of downtrodden person, two hands grasped, mentor with arm around shoulder of a young person, adult mentor with hand on shoulder of a child, hands in to break a huddle, mentor taking selfie of himself and mentee, two people waving, mentor and mentee carrying a log on their shoulders, mentor helping a person she is mentoring up a cliff face, mentor and mentee in a raft rowing together, mentor pointing to ladder against wall, mentor showing a young person the path to take at a fork in the road, mentor giving a high five to the person she is mentoring, fist bump, mentor helping a youth in a tug of war, mentor helping a depressed youth and a mentor playing ball with a person he is mentoring to name a few.

Young people walking together and talking. Group of friends rest and communicate. Continuous line art drawing style. Black linear sketch isolated on white background. Vector illustration

Speech bubbles for comment and reply concept flat vector illustration of young people using mobile smartphone and tablets for texting and communicating on networks. Guys and women sitting on bubbles

Young People use Smartphones and Surfing in Social Media. Boys and Girls Chatting, Watching Video, Liking Photos. Female and Male Characters Talking in Mobile App. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

Colourful overlapping silhouettes of Children using e-cigarettes or vapes. Electronic cigarette, e-cigarette, vapers, inhale, passive smoker, handheld electronic device, tobacco smoking, smoker, nicotine, social issue

Social bodies or organizations or individuals who contribute by helping people in need. Volunteer assistance concept support help charity and donation concept. Teamwork of multi-ethnic and multicultural people working together. Concept of community of different people. Unity and solidarity between people of different cultures. Concept of activist and protest movement. Friendship, solidarity, tolerance and brotherhood among peoples. Cooperation between communities. Anti-racism protest. Collaboration and teamwork between colleagues. People who are active for peace, for a clean environment and for social justice

Students Group Holding Books and Gadgets. Diverse People Study Together. Girls and Boys in Modern Clothes. Education and Knowledge Concept with Characters. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration isolated.

Young People Sitting at Table, Reading Books and Studying. Student Boys and Girls Using Gadgets and Chatting on Smartphone. Female and Male Characters collection. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

Students group holding books and gadgets. Diverse people study together. Education and knowledge concept with Characters. Flat cartoon vector illustration isolated.

A set of icons related to children's fitness. The icons include children jump roping, running, stretching, playing with a ball, dancing, lifting weights, using a hula hoop, walking, aerobics, riding a scooter, doing a sit-up, hiking, playing, playing soccer, riding and bike and swimming to name a few.

A set of cyberbullying icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a sad person looking at social media bullying message on smartphone, sad person with head down while being cyberbullied online from laptop, distraught person being cyberbullied on computer, depressed person with head down from being bullied on social media, person viewing bullying messages on mobile phone while bullies stand in the background, depressed person with cloud overhead, student being bullied online from laptop computer, bully taking unwanted and unwelcome photos with smartphone of another person, student with head in hands saddened over being bullied online, overweight child being bullied online, student viewing cyberbullying messages from smartphone, online chat from phone being used to cyberbully, adult with arm on shoulder of sad teenager, parent with arm around student who is a victim of cyberbullying, cyberbullying text messaging and others.

Young People use Smartphones, Chatting, making Selfie and listening Music. Happy Boys and Girls talking and typing on Phone. Female and Male Characters collection. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.

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