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Woman and man characters putting light bulb, books and gear into human head to improve work skills. Concept of up skill, learning new skills to improve job. Flat cartoon vector illustration

minimal editable stroke bulb icon. concept of lampbulb emblem with change line thickness. flat lineart style trend modern abstract eureka graphic design element isolated on white background

A set of personal development icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a smart human brain, person climbing mountain to peak, person with jigsaw puzzle piece, person holding target with arrow in bulls-eye, person reaching personal development goal, person standing in bulls-eye of target with arms raised, person being put together, person on winner podium with arms raised in victory, goal thermometer, business person with arms raised holding briefcase, person having skills measured, human head receiving knowledge and learning, person at fork in the road, business person stepping up graph, student graduate, flag in bulls-eye, person holding upwards arrow, goal meter, person holding lightbulb, person on top of mountain with arms raised, person with arms up and winners medal around neck, hands holding two cogs together, hand protecting growing plant, person jumping cliff gap and a ladder all to represent people working on self improvement or personal development.

A set of higher education icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include college textbooks, college students, student with cap and gown, student graduating, college diploma, concepts of knowledge and learning, graduation cap, student studying, online education, human brain, graduation speech, professor, teacher, student on laptop, school back-pack, college class and other related icons.

Vector illustration depicting interactive seminar that is transmitted over the web using video conferencing software. We can see a participants which are placed on the bottom of illustration. A silhouettes on the left are participants/audience, while silhouette on the right is a lecturer/presenter. All around illustration surface there are placed different icons/elements which are related with webinar theme (ability of giving, receiving, sharing and discussing information). Some of those elements/icons are: speech bubbles - representing communication; computer monitor with speech bubble - conferencing hardware; globe - global scope; electric bulb - new idea; share icon - sharing knowledge; wee fee icon; brain - thinking; gears and wheels and gears for working ect... Illustration is nicely layered and easy for manipulation.

Vibrant vector illustration depicting webinar. Main elements of illustration are overlapping speech bubbles with heads/participants inside, placed into circular composition. You can also find many different icons related with webinar like: gears and brain for thinking; open box for thinking out of the box; open window for new perspectives; ladder for connection in between different themes/persons; puzzles for right solutions; charts for analysis; target for goals; question mark for questioning; bulb for ideas ect. Illustration is very eye catching and nicely layered.

Human heads with colorful lines. Experience and knowledge exchange concept. Vector illustration. Brain as tangled knot or scribbles. Dialog or dispute infographics, business project development

Vibrant vector illustration depicting online training. The main elements of illustration are overlapping speech bubbles, placed on light gray background creating a circular composition. Inside of each speech bubble there is a human head and different icons related with education, training, learning and thinking. There are icons like: open window for new perspectives; ladder for "step by step" improvement; magnifying glass for searching and detailed looking; puzzles for right solutions; target for aspirations and goals; question mark for questioning; electric bulb for great ideas; water pipe with drop for new knowledge ect. Speech bubbles are connected, that is showing the cooperation and teamwork in between participants. Illustration is very eye catching and nicely layered.

Two open heads silhouettes with arrows exchanging thoughts. Communication, idea, knowledge, teamwork and education concept. Flat design. Vector illustration, no transparency, no gradients

Intuition or future vision concept. Male entrepreneur trusts inner feelings and sensations and makes decisions unconsciously. Self knowledge for business. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration

A set of research icons. The icons show several different symbols representing research. They include a person doing research on the computer, a person reading a book, using a magnifying glass to review a document, reviewing charts and graphs, a brain representing knowledge, a person gaining knowledge, reading a textbook, reviewing data, carrying books, reviewing documents, looking through a microscope and others.

Abstract vector illustration showing a team brainstorming, looking for the right business idea. The lower part of illustration contains man and women silhouettes. Silhouette on the left is a team leader, while silhouettes on right are team participants. All around people there are placed different elements/icons related with interaction in between working group. We can see a lot of symbols and metaphors like: speech bubbles for communication; puzzles for looking right solutions; gears and wheels for thinking/working; ladders for improvement; electric bulb for right idea; arrows for communication directions; drops for ideas/reviews, chess figure for strategy, currency symbols; target for aspirations ect. Illustration palette is highly vibrant and eye catching. Illustration is nicely layered and it is easy for editing.

People work on project. Work and business, brainstorming metaphor. Efficient workflow, employees or colleagues. Concept of logical thinking, persons in office. Cartoon flat vector illustration

Simple Set of Personal Growth Related Vector Line Icons. Contains such Icons as Newbie, Skill Improvement, Professional Burnout and more. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.

A group of people collects the fruits of plants in the form of a light bulb idea. Business creative idea. Concept for business and innovative technologies. Flat character graphic design Vector banner

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