Edzna-그 란 아크로폴리스, 유카탄 반도 캄페체, 멕시코, 마 야 문명의 고고학 사이트 - 스톡 비디오

건축물, 계단, 계단 및 층계, 고적, 국가 관광명소

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The Gran acrópolis ('great acropolis') is a further rectangular square, on which rise some monumental structures, namely the 'House of the Five Floors' (Edificio de los Cinco Pisos), in which, as in a pyramid, five are each clearly demolished Raise structure step-like over a base. On these floors are numerous rooms with Kragsteingewölben and in the upper part of the actual temple with a cross-shaped floor plan, whose once decorated with stucco figures roof construction is still partially preserved. The large - sometimes double - door openings in the facade of the building are absolutely unusual; they led to the speculation that the whole building might have served as a temple pyramid and at the same time as a 'palace pyramid' (see also the niche pyramid of El Tajín). On the roof of the temple rises a towering multi-part crest (crestería). Edzná is an archaeological site of the Maya in Edzná Valley in the state of Campeche in the west of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The developed technology for the disposal of rainwater and the extraordinary facade of the so-called 'palace pyramid' make it one of the most interesting Maya cities. In Edzná located on an area of about 25 km² numerous temples, administrative buildings and palaces. The architecture was influenced by the styles Puuc, Petén and Chenes.
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