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16 line black on white icons / Set #56 Pixel Perfect Principle - all the icons are designed in 48x48pх square, outline stroke 2px. First row of outline icons contains: Shark icon, Boat Captain Hat, Binoculars, Whale; Second row contains: Wave, Buoy, Lighthouse, Rudder; Third row contains: Sailing Ship, Anchor-Vessel Part, Octopus, Yacht; Fourth row contains: Reef Knot, Navigational Compass, Cruise Ship, Compass Rose. Complete Inlinico collection -

Airship travel in the past: 1) Montgolfier brothers' balloon (1783); 2) Giffard dirigible (1852); 3) Navigable balloon developed by Dupuy de Lome (1872); 4) Hydrogen-balloon by Charles and Robert brothers (1783); 5) Victor Tatin (1843-1913) compressed air powered Aeroplane (1879); 6) Airship by Paul Haenlein (1835-1905); 7) La France - Airchip by Charles Renard and Arthur Constantin Krebs (1884/85); 8) Anchor by Hervé; 9) Helicopter by Enrico Forlanini (1878); 10) Mechanical bird by Gustave Trouvé (1890); 11) Flying machine by Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim (1894); 12) Basket of the ballon "M.W." with equipment (M. W. is the name of a balloon of the German Association for the Promotion of Air Navigation, founded 1881.); 13) Flying machine by Horatio Frederick Phillips (1893). Wood engravings, published in 1897.

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