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Phage about to inject a bacterium. (See my other images for pictures of coronaviruses). Modelled after an E. coli-T2-Bacteriophage or T4 Phage with all parts accurately represented: Head (containing DNA), Collar, Sheath, Tube, Baseplate with Spikes, Tail Fibres and Protein Needle.

Adsorption Bacteriophage virus- 3D rendered image. Phage therapy concept . Hologram view. SEM. TEM. Science, technology, medical research. Example of T4 and related phages use their tail pieces to attach to the host cell and inject their genetic material.

Phage therapy- 3D rendered image. Phage therapy concept . Hologram view. SEM. TEM. Bacteria is filled up with new phages. Next final step, where phage produce endolysin - enzyme, that punches a hole in bacteria.

Abs Virus - 3d rendered image like colorized scanning electron micrograph. Scene showing virus (yellow) emerging from infected cell. Concept of coronavirus that’s causing a global pandemic. Covid-19, Sars-cov-2 alpha, betta, gamma, delta, lambda variant, 2019-nCoV, Coronavirus. SEM, TEM, hologram view.

Microorganisms and viruses hand-drawn image. Single celled microbes pattern. Editable vector illustration in glowing green color isolated on a black background. Biological concept in unique style.

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