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A school of Indian Triggerfishes Melichthys indicus and some Bluelined Surgeonfishes Acanthurus lineatus near the shore. This is a real split shot, but a composite photo, both photos taken at the same place within minutes. The upper part is blurred, as the wide angle dome is wet whan taking split shots. At the southwest side of Alor Island, Pantar Strait, Indonesia, 8°19'7.608" S 124°19'30" E at 0-2m depth

Close up macro shot of honey bee sucking pollen from a purple flower. Insecticides and pesticides are currently a hot topic as these chemicals have a devastating effect on biodiversity in general, including bees, and thus also pollination of plants.

The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem. More than 1200 species of fish have been recorded in the Red Sea, and around 10% of these are found nowhere else. This also includes 42 species of deepwater fish. The rich diversity is in part due to the 2,000 km (1,240 mi) of coral reef extending along its coastline; these fringing reefs are 5000–7000 years old and are largely formed of stony acropora and porites corals. The reefs form platforms and sometimes lagoons along the coast and occasional other features such as cylinders (such as the Blue Hole (Red Sea) at Dahab). These coastal reefs are also visited by pelagic species of Red Sea fish, including some of the 44 species of shark.

France, Paris, 2022-06-11. View of the Beaugrenelle district and the Bela Bartok public garden. This district in Paris is located along river Seine, right at south of Eiffel Tower. It is composed of seven concrete slab (called ilot) with high-rise buildings (commercial and residential) in Front de Seine. The ilot Cassiopee and the ilot Vega are separated by the Bela Bartok public garden. France, Paris, 2022-06-11. Vue sur le quartier Beaugrenelle et le square Bela Bartok. Ce quartier de Paris est situe le long de la Seine, juste au sud de la Tour Eiffel. Il est compose de sept dalles de beton (appelees ilots) avec des gratte-ciel (commerciaux et résidentiels) en Front de Seine. L'ilot Cassiopee et l'ilot Vega sont separes par le square Bela Bartok.

A drone shot of a farmer standing with a potential buyer for his crop in the wheat field on his sustainable farm in Embleton, North East England. The farmer is explaining everything about the crop. The crop is first wheat and is going to be used in low quality flour for baking and will be harvested in early September.

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