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Whale shark Rhincodon typus is the world's largest fish, which is harmless to humans. Specimens rarely above 12 m. Often seen offshore but coming close inshore, sometimes entering lagoons or coral atolls. Feed on planktonic and nektonic prey, such as small fishes (sardines, anchovies, mackerel, juvenile tunas and albacore), small crustaceans and squids. Often seen in a vertical position with the head at or near the surface when feeding.

Large school of Bigeye Trevally Caranx sexfasciatus moving fast. Motion blur inevitable! The species occurs in the tropical Indo-Pacific in a depth range from 0-146m, forming slow-moving schools during the day, dispersing at night feed, mainly on fish and crustaceans, common size is 60cm, max. size 120cm. Some Humpback Red Snapper Lutjanus gibbus inbetween. Raja Ampat, Indonesia, 0°30'23" S 130°44'15" E at 18m depth

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Beetween the two islands just North of Komodo Island, Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Barat, there is a narrow passage with a really, but really strong current. As a photographer, you have just some seconds to take a photo, and boom -- you are washed to the other side! Hard for divers, easy for fishes, they hang around there easily! The amout of fish in amount and species is stunning. Red Snapper Lutjanus bohar, Giant Trevally Caranx ignobilis, Bigeye Trevally Caranx sexfasciatus, Lowfin Drummer Kyphosus vaigiensis, Topsail Drummer Kyphosus cinerascens, One Spot Snapper Lutjanus monostigma, Humpnose Bigeye Bream Monotaxis grandoculis. Komodo Nationalpark, Indonesia, 8°27'35" S, 119°33'42" E

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