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Food choices and health related eating options as a human head shaped green vegetable kale leaf and meat as a red steak for nutritional decisions and diet or dieting dilemma with 3D render elements.

Sundew (or Drosera) is a beautiful carnivorous plant. This image is an extreme macro shot of the sticky tentacles of this plant. As soon as an insect hits the flower, the tentacles will fold themselves around the poor beastt and it will be digested alive by the enzymes present in the sticky fluid droplets.

Understanding such processes, the scientists say, could help biomedical researchers and aerospace engineers create a new generation of “intelligent materials” that can use similar signaling processes to change shape as needed, much as the Venus flytrap reflexively snaps shut when it senses its prey. It’s an open and shut case for new research, including a more detailed examination of exactly how the various parts of the plant know how to spring shut at just the right moment.

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