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Squash preparation of plant cells stained to reveal chromosomes, various stages of mitosis are visible. Bright field illumination, light microscopy. This image was taken with the X40 objective lens. Depth of focus is extremely low at this magnification. Smaller apertures give greater depth of focus, but image quality deteriorates and resolution is greatly reduced. The aperture in this image was optimised for contrast and resolution. Chromatic aberration is inevitable in light microscopy, but has been kept to a minimum in this image.

Regenerative medicine and therapeutic stem cell therapy to regrow damaged cells as treatment for disease as multicellular organisms for cellular treatment of injury or arthritis illness due to aging with 3D illustration.

"Hydra vulgaris is often used as a model organism for morphallactic regeneration because they are reproduce relatively quicklydark fieldPlease keep in mind the special requirements of a micro photo. Motion blur of live specimen, very shallow depth of field, chromatic aberration and uneven focus are inherent in light microscopy."

Molecules of cell nucleus in the interphase. Nucleolus (the granular structure), DNA being transcripted to mRNA (pink) by the RNA polymerase (green), and several enzymes: the endonuclease (violet), the DNA ligase (yellow) and the DNA topoisomerase (magenta)

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