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Medicine, age, health care and people concept - Photo of doctor or nurse with clipboard writing prescription for mature woman at home. Male Nurse writing on clipboard while interacting with a patient. Male Nurse Visiting Senior woman For Check Up. Young nurse and elderly woman at home. Doctor receiving patient registration form

A Female doctor bends down to change the dosage on an IV machine, as her senior patient sits in a chair receiving her treatment. The woman is dressed casually, has a head scarf on and a blanket wrapped around the lower part of her body as she watches the doctor change the machines dosage.

A real life, real person senior adult man outpatient cancer patient is alert, but tired and bored. He's sitting resting comfortably while chemotherapy IV drip medicine is administered through a tangled array of medical equipment through a subcutaneous intravenous chemo access port temporarily embedded into his upper chest. The plastic tubes, clamps, connectors, caps and off-camera drip bags are attached during each two hour on-site session at this medical hospital clinic. The embedded access port stays in place throughout his three month bi-weekly chemotherapy regimen. Another day in the life of a cancer patient. Part of a "Daily Living with Cancer" image series - submitted toward brief #775310942.

A set of cancer icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a cancer awareness ribbon, person receiving chemotherapy via IV in arm, person with melanoma cancer, hand holding pill, person with lung cancer, woman wearing bandana on bald head and a face mask due to chemotherapy, person with stomach cancer, cancer patient in hospital bed receiving cancer treatment, brain cancer, cancer cell, metastasizing of cancer cell, woman with breast cancer holding breast, IV in hand, person receiving cancer radiation treatment, two people hugging, surgery with scalpel, cancer patient sick with nausea, scientist doing cancer research, skin cancer surgery, person with arm around depressed cancer patient and other related icons.

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