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There are more than 780000 climbing stock photos at the iStock image library. You can browse our easy-to-search collection to find stock imagery of climbing walls photos of climbing plants on buildings and wide-angle shots of mountaineers ascending peaks. The iStock collection also features images of animals climbing ropes and shots of children and adults climbing stairs and ladders.

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A set of outdoor summer recreation icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include people engaged in the following activities - person parasailing, person rappelling, person cycling, person riding dirt bike, person hiking, person riding zip-line, person riding ATV, person running, person rock climbing, person playing volleyball, person surfing, person swimming, person wake-boarding, person water skiing, person kayaking, person scuba-diving, two people hiking, person with RV, person fishing from boat, person driving UTV, person riding horse, person on paddle board and a person mountain biking.

A set of mountaineering icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a mountain, ice climber, mountain climber, avalanche, rope, compass, backpack, mountaineer, people taking selfie, climbing helmet, safety gear, first aid kit, Carabiner, hiking, hiker, shoes, coat, dangers, trekking poles, tent, backpacker, backpacking, map and other related icons.

Ladder Of Success Icon. This 100% royalty free vector illustration features the main icon pictured in black inside a white square. The alternative color options in blue, green, yellow and red are on the right of the icon and are arranged in a vertical column.

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