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"This is the oldest groundwood mill in the province of New Brunswick, and the smallest, and the most picturesque. It is the oldest mill of the kind (built in 1902). It is also modern, for it was reconstructed after a fire in 1946 which left only the solid walls intact.More landscape images can be found here:"

A carpet of Caribou Moss covers a forest floor in Labrador.Animals such as Reindeer and Caribou feed on lichen during the coldest periods of the season. They do this because it is one of the only things that they have for food when the weather is cold and there is little other vegetation left. It has lots of carbohydrates that give the caribou energy to make body heat. Caribou have special microorganisms in their stomachs which let them digest lichen. Very few other animals eat lichens. Some scientists think that the caribou evolved to fill the tundra's food niche that other animals couldn't fill.More landscape images can be found here:

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