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There are more than 325000 debt stock photos at the iStock image library. Browse our extensive collection to find and download stock imagery of debt collection letters photos of people working out how to pay debts and close-up shots of past due notices and bankruptcy application forms. You can also find wide-angle shots of families worrying about bills and money.

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Portrait of a mid adult woman checking her energy bills at home, sitting in her bedroom. She has a worried expression and touches her face with her hand while looking at the bills. Focus on the woman while the interior architecture of the bedroom is defocused.

A set of budgeting icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a dollar sign in the bulls-eye of a target to represent financial goals achieved by budgeting, calculator calculating budget, person searching for money using a magnifying glass to reach financial goals, person writing out a budget with help of a calculator, piggy band receiving coins as a deposit, person working on budget with financial graphs in background, scale weighing groceries on one side and a dollar sign on the other to represent a balanced budget, financial chart, person holding up budgeting plan document, budget with a checklist, budget preparation, scissors cutting up a credit card, family jumping for joy after following a budget, allocating coins to form a personal budget, piggy bank upside down being emptied, achieving financial budget goals, tracking budget using an app on phone, dollar bill being split to allocate money as part of a budget plan, sticky note with the word "budget" written on it and circled, using cash as part of a budget when spending on goods and services and a receipt

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