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Macro of the gills of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Photo taken from below showing the gills on the underside of this edible mushroom. Shallow depth of focus with sharpest focus on the the gills at the center of the image. Shot with 100 mm macro lens on a Canon 20D at ISO 100.

Edible mushrooms vector illustrations collection. Hand drawn food drawings. Forest plants sketches. Perfect for recipe, menu, label, icon, packaging, Vintage mushrooms outlines. Botanical set.

Group of edible mushrooms 1898 Hymenomycetes. Agaricini: 1. Champignon (Agaricus (Psalliota) campestris); 2. Hallimasch (Agaricus (Armillaria) melleus); 3. Parasolpilz (Agaricus (Lepiota) procerus); 4. Stockschwamm (Agaricus (Pholiota) mutabilis); 5. Brätling (Lactarius volemus); 6. Echter Reizker (Lactarius deliciosus); 7. Eierschwamm (Cantharellus cibarius), Polyporei: 8. Steinpilz (Boletus edulis); 9. Kapuziner, Birkenpilz (Boletus scaber); 10. Semmelpilz (Polyporus confluens). Hydnei: 11. Stoppelpilz (Hydnum repandum); 12. Habichtschwamm (Hydnum imbricatum). Clavariel: 13. Bärentatze (Clavaria botrytis). Helvellaceae: 14. Steinmorchel, Lorchel (Helvella esculenta); 15. Spitzmorchel (Morchella conica). Tuberaceae: 16. a. Trüffel (Tuber mesentericum); b. dieselbe, durchschnitten Original edition from my own archives Source : Brockhaus 1898

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