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A set of EMT and paramedic icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include an EMT checking the heart of a person using a stethoscope, ambulance rushing to scene of accident, team of paramedics looking at camera with arms folded, EMT giving chest compressions and CPR to an injured person, injured person on stretcher, ambulance with back doors open, person involved in car wreck, hand checking pulse of a persons arm, paramedic standing outside emergency vehicle, EMT checking IV of patient, arm with IV needle inserted, emergency medical technician checking blood pressure of ill person, life flight helicopter, EMT with arms folded and a stethoscope around his neck, paramedic assisting an injured person, paramedic standing outside the back of an ambulance, EMT stabilizing the head of an injured person, hospital, person being hit by car, emergency dispatch and other related icons.

Entrance to hospital emergency department at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The sign is red with the word EMERGENCY prominently displayed. It can be used to illustrate various healthcare, medical and emergency concepts, from afflictions such as stroke or heart attack, diseases such as HIV or cancer, and accidents such as road trauma or sporting injury.

Unrecognisable medical professional running down a corridor in the North East of England. He is working a shift at a hospital and is dressed in a uniform carrying a stethoscope. He is reacting to a medical emergency.

A set of emergency care icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a doctor checking heart of a sick patient using a stethoscope, doctor reviewing patient notes, team of emergency doctors, racing ambulance, medical professional assisting to a person with injured arm, ambulance with open back doors, person in a car accident, medical professional doing chest compressions on a victim, hospital with emergency wing, person slipping and falling, arm with IV, physician checking blood pressure of sick person, life flight helicopter, nurse attending to the IV bag of a sick person in hospital bed, checking for pulse of injured person, nurse using a bag valve mask on patient, person experiencing chest pain, doctor reviewing spine x-ray, sick person on medical stretcher being attended to, hospital, pedestrian being struck by car, doctor giving medical exam to patient and other related icons.

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