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Cross section of a Fungal hyphae cells (septum; bud scar, mitochondrion; vacuole; nucleus; and growth tip and vesicles). Vector diagram for educational, biological, and science use

structure of human or animal cell. cross section with all organelles: Nucleolus and Nucleus, Ribosome, Vesicle, Rough and Smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Cytoskeleton, mitochondrion, cytoplasm, lysosome, Centrosome, Cell membrane

Adsorption Bacteriophage virus- 3D rendered image. Phage therapy concept . Hologram view. SEM. TEM. Science, technology, medical research. Example of T4 and related phages use their tail pieces to attach to the host cell and inject their genetic material.

"focus to food vacuoles (with paramecium bursaria and haematococcus pluvialis), contractile vacuole, single nucleusdifferential interference contrastPlease keep in mind the special requirements of a micro photo. Motion blur of live specimen, very shallow depth of field, chromatic aberration and uneven focus are inherent in light microscopy."

lymphatic system concept. Lymph nodes. Ducts in human silhouette. Tonsil, thymus, spleen anatomy in male and female body. Cisterna chyli. Medical anatomical poster for clinic. Flat vector illustration

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