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Rijsttafel Nusantara. An elaborate meal of various Indonesian side dishes. The dishes served are: Sambal Goreng Krecek (spicy cow skin stew), Tumis Ikan Peda (sautéed peda salted fish), Sambal Goreng Lodeh (spicy vegetable curry), Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), Tumis Kecipir (sautéed wing beans), Dendeng Batokok (beef with chili paste), Gulai Rebung (bamboo shoot curry), Udang Balado (shrimp with chili paste), Tumis Jantung Pisang (stir-fried banana blossom) and Kacang Teri (peanut and anchovy crisp). Accompanied with Sambal (red chili paste) and Kerupuk Udang Keriting (curly shrimp crackers). All the dishes are arranged on a wooden table lined with banana leaves.

Kari Bihun, fusion food of rice noodle and chicken in spicy curry soup, a popular dish in Medan, North Sumatra. Each portion of the dish is served in a ceramic bowl of light creamy color, topped with fried shallots then garnished with cilantro sprigs. The bowls are arranged on a rustic wooden table, with the main focus on the bowl placed on brown serving block. Some eating utensils are placed on the table. More cilantro and celery leaves are used as decoration. A bowl of the chicken curry soup is placed on a wooden block of lighter colour.

World on a fork! A stylized vector cartoon of a The earth being on the End of Fork, reminiscent of an old screen print poster and suggesting fragility, saving the earth,, Earth Day, world hunger, world food industry, global cuisine, environment, environmental concerns or global crisis. World, fork, paper texture, and background are on different layers for easy editing. Please note: clipping paths have been used, an eps version is included without the path.

Nasi Tumpeng Nusantara, the festive and grand Indonesian feast of rice mounted into cone shape and accompanied with seven other side dishes. In this particular feast, the side dishes are selected from several regional cuisines in Indonesia and plated individually. The side dishes are Javanese Braised Whole Chicken, Balinese Sate Lilit, Minangese Beef Rendang and also Eggs with Red Chili Paste, Minahasan Shredded Smoked Fish, Minahasan (and also Javanese) Corn Fritters, Javanese (and also Balinese) Vegetable Salad with Grated Coconut Dressing. A bowl of shrimp crackers and extra serving of the omelet strips are also served along. A bouquet of red and yellow orchids is placed on the table for decoration.

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